03/19/15 (Updated)

Let's make Brad Keselowski's girlfriend Jennifer Love Hewitt

Brad Keselowski is on top of the NASCAR world. After taking home the Sprint Cup Championship earlier this week, the only thing Brad Keselowski doesn't have is the girlfriend to celebrate with.

We previously told you all about Brad Keselowski's girlfriend Crystal Lohman, but the two split up earlier this year. We've since heard nothing in the lady department other than the comments that Brad himself has made about one woman in particular: Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Ah yes,... Jennifer Love Hewitt. The object of every dude currently aged 26-34's desire in high school from her ridiculous run at the top of the teen age movie genre from like 1996 to somewhere around 2002 when everyone stopped being able to buy that she was a senior in high school in her movies. She's since gone on to star in TV shows, but lost a few viewers similar to guys like us in the process.

Now, this puzzle truly does fit together. Brad Keselowski is obsessed with Jennifer Love Hewitt, and I'm not talking out of school here, because he's the first to admit it. He's talked on dozens of blogs, and interviews about his crush on JLH, and how it remains strong despite her climbing into her mid 30's.

In an interview with SB Nation, Keselowski is asked the "hot chick," he'd most like to meet:

BK: Jennifer Love Hewitt. She's kind of getting a little past her prime, I understand that. But I always had this big crush on her when I was younger. I just wanted to meet her once.

Dale Jr. and I were talking about this exact topic once – it was an 'enjoying the sponsor' conversation. This same exact topic came up: 'Who would you want to meet?'

I said, 'Jennifer Love Hewitt,' and he said, 'Oh, I met her!' I really about punched him in the face. That was that moment.

He said, 'Yeah, I had the same crush on her.' I said, 'No fucking way, man! You're kidding, right? What'd you say!? What'd you do!?' He said, 'I didn't say a word to her.'

I'm like, 'What!? You didn't say a word? Nothing?' He said, 'Naw, man. I just won the (Nationwide) championship, I was at the banquet, and people were like, 'Hey, meet this person, meet that person.' It was one of those settings where you see someone, but you don't really meet someone. You just shake their hand and say hi.'

Once he said that, I understood why he didn't say anything to her. That's kind of one of the worst parts about this deal. I see a lot of people, but I don't really meet a lot of people. Whether that's fans or celebrities."

So let's make this happen. Little E got to meet JLH after winning the Nationwide, so let's make it happen for The Champion Brad Keselowski after his Sprint Cup title. Hell, let's see if we can get Jennifer to go on a date with Brad,... away from a sponsor event. Let's give him a leg up on Junior.

NASCAR fans are rabid. Let's start a movement to make sure this happens for the champ.

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5 Responses to “Let's make Brad Keselowski's girlfriend Jennifer Love Hewitt”

  1. Anonymous

    Let's not make ugle her his girlfreind

  2. Wally Kimmel

    brad, hope you and others can pull this off,i can't belive JLH would't go out on a date with u, would be nice if this happened. sincelya huge fan of yours. Wally

  3. Kimmi

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    True Life is MTV's Emmy Award winning documentary series that profiles young adults that are going through various exciting and life changing experiences and documents their journeys.

    I noticed everyone's love for NASCAR drivers and would love to talk to people about potentially being in the episode. FIlming is very low key and a small commitment. If chosen, we will usually check in with you approximately 10 days over the course of a 3-4 month period. No fixed cameras, 24 hour days, or surprise visits. All it would take is a 2-3 person team that will hang out with you on and off as you take on new and exciting opportunities.

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  4. Gianna

    I am a fan of Jennifer Love Hewitt and yes I agree with this one.

  5. Del

    Dear Brad,
    You're a goodlooking guy! Jennifer is crazy for not going out with you. I'm sure there are plenty of women lined up to go out with you. It won't be hard for your to find love again.