Kyle Busch’s wife Samantha Sarcinella Busch


  1. Duhh

    An obvious case of the “in it for the money honey” If that weasel looking geek didn’t have a billion dollars she wouldn’t even breath the same air he did..LOL Money cant buy happiness but it sure can buy some nice implants..LOL

  2. Tami

    She is the sweetest person. We got the chance to meet her and she got down to my son’s level and spoke to him for a good 1/2hr. When we saw her the next day at a store she walked up and said hi to him remembering his name and before walking off said I hope you have a good birthday. He sent the picture of the two of them and she sent the sweetest thank you note back.

  3. Mary Jo

    I had the opportunity to meet and talk with Kyle and Samantha last year at Kentucky Speedway for a Nationwide race. They were both so polite and Samantha even found a sharpie in her purse to sign my hat. Three months later I was diagnosed with breast cancer, had a radical mastectomy/lymph node cancer with 20 lymph nodes removed. I hope Samantha keeps up her support for breast cancer research. No one understands what pain is until you have had multiple surgeries, chemo, and radiation.

  4. Gianna

    I agree she is pretty. I am not a fan of NASCAR and it is not a real sport. But I give honest opinions on who I think is pretty and who is uguly. Most nowadays are trashy.

  5. Anonymous

    Appears the first thing the Bush boys pay for when it comes to their girlfriend, then future wives is breast implants. Guess they are Boob Boys

  6. csideb

    She was raised in an italian family. got a degree in (pyscology) wow… she found this sucker Kyle and sucked him up with her italian way..She is fake, she isnt even a model like Jeff’s wife, she didnt have any money coming into this marriage and Kyle is so butt ugly he figures what the heck I got this semi attarctive chick with huge boobs and scrawny legs to marry me, well like gordon’s first wife dont be surprised if she takes half his earnings in a couple years.

  7. Ceecee/Grandma

    Love these two, they are what each needed, love and happiness. I am 72 and Kyle looks better to me every year. Grandma would just love to spoil you rotten. I have a farm near you, Maiden. Would love to baby sit. I want 2 boys and 1 girl.Good luck with your future together.

  8. Jake

    Agreed! He IS a doofus! But her knockers may be the best fakes ever. She’s got plenty of money so she gets what she wants. I don’t by the true love but and I saw them both in the pits and they were very rude. Bring your noses out of the clouds kids, you will get old and wrinkled. Just knowing she’s a gloddigger is HOT! Puts out her best! A great threshold. On another note He is a shitty driver. I’d trade him for a rookie!

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