Kurt Busch’s girlfriend Patricia Driscoll


  1. amazed

    This women reaks of bologna, an attention &@#$ if there every is one. And the way she seems ALWAYS to be “promoting” her son’s relationship with a man that appears to have screws still loose despite how rehearsed and careful he is in interviews. Gee, what a catch he is (sarcasm). I am sure Eva could tell a story or two, but won’t. “Stepdad” Kurt and they aren’t even married. “Patricia is going for the full fantasy package and doesn’t look like she will stop until she has it. What a phony. How hard is this women working if she and her son are at the track every week making sure she is in the pictures with Kurt? Pushing the media fantasy package seems to be her full time job. imo.

  2. Terry

    OMG could not have said it any better, how hard is she working when she is either on vacation, at his testings, basically does not leave him out of her sight. She needs to take examples from, Mrs. Harvick, Mrs. Newman, Amy, Samantha just to name a few, let husbands/boyfriends do their job, seeing her right next to Kurt on pit road when him and another driver went at it after a race – take a back seat girl, be mature – not like your comment yesterday when Kurt was taken out, not a lady in my book.

  3. Sarah

    You people are pathetic probably an ex of Kurt or patricia. Sad to see people like you hate. She’s gotten that man in the best place anyone has ever see him. She also had her own fame before she met Kurt. Everyone knows her in DC & I’ve seen her on Fox News for years. She written books and runs a defense company. Your comment about how she should be like the rest of the gold diggers in the garage blows me away. I wish more of them were genuine and helped people instead if it being for show. I reached out to this lady on twitter because I had a friend who was
    Using drugs and was suicidal. She personally got the soldier into drug rehab. It’s more than the VA would do for him. So I like the lady and respect her.
    I have no respect for haters like you

  4. Vivian

    Ms. Driscoll,sorry you seem like a scorned woman trying to destroy Mr. Busch career. Grow up and move on, don’t put out lies using domestic violent which doesn’t look to be true. He seems to have new love. You stressed on news with fāke tears that you were from Texas and know how to use a gun, so I agree that you can protect yourself. You are on a vendetta to destroy his career. I am not a Nascar fan, just a 65 year old woman who think you should not be allowed to find anyone guilt without a jury of peers. So ladies think about hour truths and not your personal vendettas before running in front a camera. If you say he is guilty go have your day in court and stop the hating or lying if that is the case, mind you I am not implying it is just saying.

  5. jim

    it comes down to the dollar amount, how much will it take for Busch to rid himself of you, hey look at the bright side, Patricia is good looking and if she works hard at it she could still get another driver, general, an isis head, or maybe Tony Stewart. So many options available for this good looking doll, but don’t destroy kurts career just so you can get a few millions, whats that, you’ll take less, an apology and a dollar, you do have scrubbles..

  6. Big Debbie

    Looks like a great deal of little person syndrome. I have witnessed this behavior all of my life. Just from reading a small amount of information my belief is in Kurt’s honor. When strong people have situations that do not turn in their favor these people need revenge. Patricia feels that this situation ending in her favor will give her closure whether it is the truth or not.

  7. Denis

    With all you have going on in your life and life is short , do you need to make it unhappy .. Get over it and move on just because you have pull in the government you are still just a women with a broken heart, Guess what your not the only one. Move on ….

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