Kevin Ward Jr.’s girlfriend Mercedes Fruin


  1. Jon

    They made for a nice couple. Sad to see it all come to an end – regardless of who is/isn’t at fault. The fact a young man is dead is truly sad.

  2. DLG1973

    Agreed! Very tragic!!! But I’m at a tipping point with the ward family. It was an accident. Let it go! Your sons actions were more questionable than Stewarts. You don’t get high before jumping in a race car. Period! Sorry Ward family! Blaming the wrong guy is not going to bring Kevin back

  3. dakota martin

    hey im so sorry for ur loss and i have been greving with u n his family and i am 18 n i was on the track the night ward passed away n if u ever want to talk dont be afired to talk to me or add me on google+ i will tell u everything that i saw n dlg1973 i agree with eveerything u said blaming the wrong guy is not the right thing to do RIP Kevin Ward JR

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