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Jimmie Johnson's wife Chandra Johnson

Jimmie Johnson's wife Chandra Johnson is a former Wilhelmina Model. She was born as Chandra Janway on July 16, 1978. Chandra Johnson now spends her days running the Jimmie Johnson Foundation. This foundation was set up to help children and families in need throughout the entire United States.

Jimmie Johnson and wife Chandra Johnson met in 2002 when Jeff Gordon introduced the two. Chandra and Gordon knew each other through Gordon's then girlfriend(now wife) Ingrid Vandebosch. Ingrid and Chandra knew each other as they were both modeling in New York City at the time. Jimmie and Chandra began dating then, were engaged in 2003, and marred in 2004.

When married in 2004, Johnson was racing for Hendrick Motorsports. The team owner Rick Hendrick let the newlyweds borrow his 150 foot Yacht to sail around St. Bart's on their honeymoon.

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10 Responses to “Jimmie Johnson's wife Chandra Johnson”

  1. Denny

    Truely a classy lady. While I don't know either her or Jimmy they sure seem to be a wonderful family, unselfish with their time and money. They certainly are a couple for Nascar fans to be proud of.

  2. G bruner

    Jimmie is soooooo hot, the wife is not!

  3. Anonymous


  4. cody


  5. cody

    were jimmy johnson

  6. fred harlan

    I just now read your bio.i did not even know jimmy had married,I commend you both on the Foundation you guys set up,the World needs more people like you two and it would be a much better place.I still get to watch some nascar races as I now live in Cuernavaca Mexico with my Mexican wife who grew up in New York,she was born in Mexico City and hr family move to New York while she still very young,she is a Clinical Family Physiologist and got her PHD while still working and raising a family own her own and I,m very proud of her as I,m sure Jimmy is of you,hoping your second childbirth goes well without any complications.
    May our Father bless you and your family.

    Fred & Kelsey Harlan

  7. alice beach

    Chandra, I admire your hard works for the greater good of children in need as well as your devotion to your family! You and Jimmie are wonderful role models for NASCAR! I love racing and Jimmie for the great driver and great family man he is!!

    Alice Beach

  8. lawrence marini

    Ms. Johnson, my cousin, Robert Bunting, from Burlington, NJ. who I have not seen in a great many years,told me that you were his daughter.he is having memory problems and I am wondering if it it so, or is he having hallucinations. Thank you for your time, keep up the great work you are doing for children. GOD bless.

  9. Sam

    How is Jimmie

  10. Denny

    How is Jimmie