Greg Biffle’s wife Nicole Lunders


  1. Linda

    My husband has always been a NASCAR fan, even before the 43 years that we’ve been married. He was a Marine in Vietnam and retired from the Military. Since Greg (from Vancouver) has started racing I (from Portland) have started watching also, and become a fan. I noticed today when the National Anthem was performed that you did not have your hand over your heart and wondered why, Seeing that you were not from another country, I was very disappointed to find that was not the reason you were not showing respect for our flag. This little gesture means a lot to us patriotic fans. I wish your family all the best.

  2. Lee Ann

    Hi Linda. I volunteer for the Stanly County Humane Society in Albemarle NC. We are planning our biggest fundraiser of the year and I ended up chair person. I saw that in the past Greg’s name was on our T-shirts and banner. I didn’t have a contact though to reach you guy’s. Don’t know if this will make it in time or not. But we have sponsor spots, vender spots and are collecting goodie bag items and door prize items for our raffle.

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