Denny Hamlin’s wife Jordan Fish


  1. Anthony

    My cousin jon went to Jr High and high school with Jordan and dated her for 3 years. She’s not wife material what so ever lol nice girl but really stuck up.

  2. Michelle

    If you ask me she’s just with him for his fame and money. You never see them hug or kiss before the races. He barely even looks at her.

  3. Anonymous

    Since Coach Gibbs is such a big Christian, why does he let Hamlin drive for him and have children out of wedlock? NASCAR is suppose to be a family sport and this is a bad image for children. How many other drivers are in this situation?

  4. Johnnie Cox

    Since Coach Gibbs is a big Christian, why does he let Hamlin drive for him while having children out of wedlock. NASCAR is suppose to be a family sport. This is a bad image for children…

  5. Bill Mansfield

    Hi Jordan I’m a big Denny fan hope he win this year what ever ppl think u are still nice looking I was born in Carolina I love the big blue

  6. Amber

    Where on twitter does Denny ever “show love” for Jordan???? They don’t even LIVE TOGETHER! Yes he is a good father but that child was born in order to trap his cheating butt… and it hasn’t slowed him down one bit! Whoever wrote this article needs to do a little more research before you go on a website and spout nothing but fiction. Jordan Fish is the butt of all jokes in the Nascar WAG circle.

  7. John

    I can tell you one thing, he does not show lover for her on twitter. He doesn’t ever acknowledge her. You know they don’t even live together anymore.

  8. jeff

    coach gibbs a christain? look where he is every sunday, christain means christ like. A christ like person would be out helping the needy and lost.

  9. karen

    You published this in Aug 8/19 – you might want to update. Denny says he made changes personally and professionally. Jordan has not been at track in months now. Appears from social media – they are not together anymore.

  10. matt

    They broke up months ago. In fact he had a Labor Day party where he partied with a young lady. Ms. Fish was no where around during that party.

  11. karen

    If you do not care to update that they are no longer together – at least get the facts correct – she is not his wife – never was. Wife means you married someone – he never married her.

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