11/29/13 (Updated)

Danica Patrick's husband Paul Hospenthal

01/10/2013: After 7 years of marriage, and countless rumors suggesting the two were on the outs, Danica Patrick has filed for divorce from her husband, Paul Hospenthal. In documents filed in Arizona courts, Patrick says the marriage is irretrievably broken.
There have been rumors that the couple has been split for a couple months now, but this is as definitive as it gets. We'll be on the lookout for anything new here.

Danica Patrick's husband Paul Hospenthal has a unique story to tell friends when it comes to how he met his wife. The two met when Hospenthal was Patrick's physical therapist who helped her recover from a yoga injury. There's something so ironic about Danica Patrick injuring herself doing Yoga, while trying to prove that she can hang in a tough guy's sport. We're not challenging her as a woman, we're challenging her as a tough broad. I mean seriously... of all the stuff that can go wrong behind the wheel, and she injures herself by stretching? I mean, it's intense stretching, but seriously... right? Am I crazy? Don't answer that... And honestly, we know she can still kick our ass.

The two were married November 19, 2005, and Danica converted to Roman Catholicism for Hospenthal following their nuptials. Paul was born in 1966(or 16 years before Danica) in Tacoma, WA

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8 Responses to “Danica Patrick's husband Paul Hospenthal”

  1. Chris F

    I actually tutored Paul, I think he was in 5th grade and I was in high school, it was for school credit..LOL..who da ever thunk! lol I know the family..they are awesome!

  2. GPS

    That guy looks a little out of her league. I bet if he placed a GPS Tracking System on her vehicle he would discover some light night trips to little E's house.

  3. Rolland

    I do not know what she would be going to little Es house for , she is not another man.

  4. montana

    Ok I give...who is E?

  5. Jeff King

    Send this to Danica also.

    Interesting her Catholic heritage is only from 2005.

    Are you sure it did not go back into her family history.

    I am doing my own heritage as a Protestant back to Catholic heritage.

  6. Fla George

    Hell, anybody should be proud to have a mate that can actually do something. I'm proud of the girl and I don't even know her. I've followed her ever since that near TQ at Indy. The hardest thing to do is teach another how to follow diection. A racer who gets better & better is folowing direction better & better. Dani's doing that and I commended her for it. BTW racing is her religeon now.

  7. Naomi

    She isn't interested in "little E" aka Dale Earnhardt Jr., anyone watching footage of her around the track before and after races all season should have noticed her always hanging on Ricky stenhouse!! My husband and I have been thinking all year if they are not invoved yet Danica was hoping they would be! I am sorry for her hubby! I wouldn't be shocked if reports start coming out of them spending time together!

  8. Mich girl

    Was Danica even divorced before the relationship with Ricky began? Because if NOT: I have lost any and all respect for her! If so, she doesn't waste anytime.