Dale Earnhardt’s Wife, Ex Wife and Ex Wife


  1. stephanie

    Dale was and still is my hero and always will be. He was who he wanted to be and was true to himself. He always said, “Not everyone is going to like you and you shouldn’t care. Don’t lie to yourself, “You shouldn’t care.” In this world reality is what it is. Accept it. If someone doesn’t like you, “That’s ok.” Better they be honest. Honesty means more then an ‘I like you lie.’ At least you know who is and who isn’t. That can be respected. Not everyone likes me and I truly don’t care. I am what I am. If they don’t like me at least I know they’re thinking about me. Even if it is negative.
    People are an enigma, don’t waste your time trying to figure it out. They’ll waste their own time and figure it out for you.

  2. Chequita taylor

    Forever a Dale Sr.fan!!! The only thing is that since he passed away DEI has has gone down hill, only one team now. Dale would be so disappointed.

  3. Justice

    First and foremost I love Dale Sr., and I, like millions of others, miss him terribly. Hard to believe it has been fifteen years.
    Had no idea about his marriages and children. I knew about Kerry, who looks so much like his Dad, Dale Jr and Kelly. So great he has such a legacy in his children and
    Love that they said he could see
    the wind. Watching him always
    positioned to see out his race window. Would have been awesome to see what he did.
    Grew up in a racing family. Local track. At four yrs old, and my
    brother six, had our white cotton button up shirts, LIKE the Wood
    brothers wore, with the team and the track embroidered on the
    back in red, and our names on
    the front. Pretty cool to run all
    over the track and stands. My
    brother and I would go up to the
    booth and pretend to call the race during practice. Not to
    mention the NASCAR races, and
    area races we went to. I see that
    grandeur and awe in the faces of
    the young kids at the tracks now.
    Stephanie thank you for sharing Dale’s words. I made a copy of
    them. Pretty great stuff.
    To Dale Earnhardt Sr. Thanks for
    being you. Racing hard. Wish you
    were here to Intimidate some of
    the guys out there now. Maybe
    then they could determine real
    intent and a true, (yes true)
    God Bless Dale Sr. RIP and Thank You♡

  4. Justice

    Wanted to add that my Mom and Dad both raced!!! My Mom was an astonishing force in life, just like she was on the track. As beautiful and talented in everything she did, as she was equally strong behind the wheel. Wonderful role model for a daughter.
    Thank You Mom!!! – for
    Love You and Miss You.♡♡

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