03/19/15 (Updated)

Clint Bowyer's Girlfriend Athena Barber

It must have been a sad sad day when Clint had to let this fine woman go. Do you think he cried? NASCAR driver Clint Bowyer's ex girlfriend is Athena Barber. When they were dating all the other NASCAR drivers were telling Clint how hot Athena Barber was. In fact across the internet, Clint was known as having the hottest girlfriend in NASCAR. But all of that is behind him now since they broke up shortly after the 2007 series banquet. However she continued in NASCAR when she became the correspondent and contributor on the show 3 Wide Life. 3 Wide Life was a nationally syndicated motorsports television show and people tuned in to see what Athena Barber was wearing that day.

Athena Barber was born on April 24, 1981 and is an Independence Missouri native. She and Clint met in 2002 when Clint was racing against Athena's father throughout the year. Athena Barber is the 2005 former Bassani Babe and the 2005 Hoseboss Calendar Girl. After Clint and Athena called it quits in 2007, Athena went on to have a relationship with NASCAR driver Robby Gordon. She ended up having a son with Robby Gordon in 2010 named Garret Robby Gordon.

* Some photos above courtesy of Laurens Antoine

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4 Responses to “Clint Bowyer's Girlfriend Athena Barber”

  1. Nedstender

    "Her and Clint met" , where did you go to school? Your English teacher should have given you an F

  2. thinds

    There's nothing in my life that brings me greater joy than having someone point out a very simple grammatical flub and then HAVE TWO ERRORS in their own retort. Seriously, thank you for being that guy, Nedstender.

  3. nippybraz

    Go clint! i have a new found respect for dat ol boy yander" cuz baby is a dime and a quater djs girls haint got nothin on dat i think i may start pullin for da 15 just cuz of his woman

  4. kenneth jones

    she is pretty cute.Why did you let her go?