Carl Edwards wife Dr. Kate Downey


  1. Duhh

    He is not so dumb after all…knowing he is kinda a flash in the pan he was smart off to marry his money..LOL

  2. Jo

    Duhh,your a duhh, he has been in the chase all but one of his years in NASCAR he is always in the top ten favorites. He is smart and therefor needs a smart real woman to spend his life with. He is one of the most honest real guys and he deserves to have such a smart and beautiful wife

  3. Blorry

    She sure has some goofed up lookin’ eyes. Goes with Carl’s goofed up lookin’ face. She’s be great in a horror movie. Bet she’s scared the bejesus outta Carl when that’s the first thing he sees in the morning.

  4. Kelly Magee

    My daughter and myself absolutely love Carl Edwards! My daughter is 2 and she yells “Go Carl Carl” while wearing her yellow 99 cap when we are watching the race! We love him and think he has an awesome attitude and a beautiful family!!
    Go Carl!!! Lots of love from Texas!!

  5. Ol Gator

    Not only are they a very handsome couple, they look like they are made for each other.. I am happy for both of them! Both are very intelligent folks so Blurry, get a new set of glasses and quit being envious of something that you will never be part of: A very good looking, successful couple who are the ” Real McCoy “… Very down to earth folks.. 99 all the way !!!!!!

  6. Anonymous

    I hardly think “Flash in the Pan” Carl needs his wife’s income. His estimated income of $15-20 million/yr will probably be adequte to support Carl,Kate and their two children. Apparently Kate is not finding it necessary to supplemt Carl’s pay. What a fantastic, classy, authentic couple they are. They have my utmost respect.

  7. mary lou morgan

    I hardly think “Flash in the Pan” Carl needs his wife’s income. His estimated income of $15-20 million/yr will probably be adequte to support Carl,Kate and their two children. Apparently Kate is not finding it necessary to supplemt Carl’s pay. What a fantastic, classy, authentic couple they are. They have my utmost respect.

  8. JANIE

    Flash in the Pan…that’s funny! He’s consistently been a winner, perhaps some of you “nasty remarkers” should think before you spew your venom in print and online. Carl is a very impressive athlete from the get go and will continue to be so. All the NASCAR drivers are and nasty, crude comments (especially of a personal nature) are just an exhibition of the poster’s lack of class. Save it for your nose-pickin’ bar buddies.

  9. JANIE

    By the way “Blorry” Kate Downey Edwards saw her way clear to get an MD after her name. What’s you major accomplishment in life??

  10. Pat

    Go Carl — your hometown, Columbia, MO — College Town USA– is in there pulling for you so get that Sprint Title anyway you can!!

    We appreciate your good looks, smarts in driving & WE Know that you are down to Earth!! If you don’t want to drive anymore — the stage is all yours — politics?? And Yes, you are Very Smart on & off the track!

    Get that trophy for your new Baby Boy as well as for your daughter!

  11. Pat

    PS: Wondering where some of the “ugly” comments on this page are coming from, but wonder if they know that Carl’s Father & Father-in-law are both Lawyers?

    Might come in handy for his Children some day!! They have the options of Medicine or Law as well as Teaching or driving a race car!

  12. Mary Garnick

    First thing I want to tell you Carl, that you are a winner in my eyes. You drove a great race. I met you in Ashland Ne. You are my driver and I love watching your flips. I saw your wife on tv last Sunday. She is gorgeous. You make a striking couple. I can hardly wait for Nascar to start up again. I hope you have a great Thanksgiving and a nice Christmas. God bless you both and your 2 little children.

  13. Kelly Magee

    Carl is still the winner in my eyes!! He definately had a great attitude like always. We will get them next year!!! Go #99 !!!!

    Lots of love from Texas again!!

  14. Turn Ferguson

    To be honest about Carl Edwwards, I actually had a class with him at the University of Missouri – Columbia. He was not smart at all, honestly I thought he was kind of a moron. He put little effort into learning, the reason I know this is I was in an in class group with him and two other people. Needless to say he was far from impressive when it came to intelligence. I do give it to him he has done great with his Nascar career, it is goo to see another Mizzou alumni making his way.

  15. Linda Deason

    HiCarl: I think Kate is the most classy lady of all the drivers I have seen here.She not only beautiful, she is intelligent and classy looking. I bet she is a good mother. Cherish her because she will be with you during good and bad and so many people don’t realize tht marriage has to be yworked at.Best f luck to you both. I am a fan of yours.

  16. ken mennemeyer

    i and my family all like carl. my 8 yr old grandaughter wh was physicall abused by her step father and now lives with her father, who is a strugglihg financial singal parent. we help all we can which is limuted. don,t get me wrong i am NOT asking for,just that we live in hawk point mo. and my granddaughter would love to some how mest you when traveling through columbia thank you

  17. Joan Narcoonis

    No way is Carl a “flash in the pan”, that dude with his comments needs to get a real life. I think Carl is an honest man who loves his family beyond words. He has been in the top ten every year except the last, life happens and he approaches it with grace, a smile and perseverance to do better the next time. My smile was a wide as his, when he won Phoenix and 5th in Vegas. Dr. Kate is a classy, smart and beautiful women, I applaud her for what she is doing to help brain damaged patients, they make a beautiful couple,GO 99, we are routing for you in Olyphant Pa and will see you in the Pocono’s, this time I hope your autograph does not get washed off by the rain, hope to meet you again.

  18. GBfan

    It’s nice to see from the same home town two success stories together. That’s what NASCAR is about not what you can buy like some of the others. Look how well that worked out for Gordon.

  19. PatieWatkinsGlen

    I met Carl Edwards along with 199 other fans at Wal-Mart last August and be was down to earth and has a great sense of humor. He is really genuine person. There were no cameras or media there. He is for real. He was great wit everyone, especially the children. His wife Kate is a lucky person. They seem like a great couple. No matter what anyone says, he may make great money but he strives to be the best, win or lose. Notice if he does not win if he was in second place be always has to say something nice to say to the winner.

  20. fan

    Dr. Edwards is as beautiful on the inside as on the outside. My husband is a patient at Rusk were she works she and all the staff there are doing great work. Carl has done a lot of charity work for his home town.he is a honest and humble man at home and in nascar.

  21. Erin D

    I have been a fan of Carl Edwards since his use of the business card got him a “ride” and he’s done very, very well. I’ve liked him more and more as time goes on. It takes a lot of dedication to become a doctor and even more to work with severely disabled patients, I really admire Dr. Edwards and wish her, Carl and their family all the best life has to offer.

  22. Wanda LAXTON

    I have been a fan of Carls before Nascar,he is a talent for racing, a great father husband.weve known him for years and years Nancy is a good friend

  23. Glenda Hudkins

    Carl is a gentleman and I don’t believe I remember him getting in scuffles like a lot of NASCAR drivers. I was disgusted with the book Amanda Beard wrote after they broke up. She’s a past swimmer and now lives a life of almost seclusion and weird diets etc. She was on wife swap show and I know why Carl didn’t want that life. So glad Carl and Matt both left Rousch and joined Joe Gibbs. Coach is a great owner and Christian man.

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