Brian Vickers’ Wife Sarah Kensington Vickers


  1. Porkins Policy Radio

    Sarah Kellen aka Sarah Kensington is being sued right now in connection to her role in Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking ring. The below link is to the 27 page complaint by Jane Doe 43 which lists Sarah Kellen as a defendant

  2. Michelle

    Of course Sarah Vickers is Sarah Kellen. She even changed her name to Kensington after the whole Epstein thing went down. She doesn’t want to be associated with that part of her life anymore. How convenient! I’m sure Brian knows exactly who she is, and if that’s the case then why on Earth would he have married her?

  3. Gina DiLuzio

    Well, well, Jeffrey Epstein has been arrested again and they are investigating that secret plea deal over a year ago. I see DIVORCE in NASCAR driver Brian Vickers’ life sooner rather than later…

  4. Madam

    Sickening that nascar could now be associated with this horrible crime because of her! How could Brian not know?!
    Unfortunately Money seems to smooth everything over..
    May her justice be served soon!

  5. T. diNovi

    That outrageous state plea deal has been overturned and federal law upheld by Judge Berman today. The tide is out and those horrendous child-sex racketeers exposed. It won’t be long before Epstein’s accomplices will be hauled in to face justice, fake surnames and all, a regrettable chapter for Mr. Vickers and NASCAR, alas.

  6. Simon

    Sarah Kellers Vickers is a total disgrace. Pure evil and hopefully behind bars soon. Changing her name is even more indicative of the kind of person she is. Nothing but a coward. You can’t hide anymore. Your day of reckoning is here. Hope your victims get the justice they deserve! NASCAR needs to rethink association with her and family.

  7. B.oneil

    Sarah Kellan…….a disgrace to Nascar racer/circuit. Recruiter of young girls for sex trafficking. Sickening that she is even mentioned on this site. A coward who stupidly thought she could hide her identity by changing her color and name. Enjoy your freedom because it’s about to come to an end!

  8. Raf

    ‘Design Studio’ have you seen her work, tis pretty awful. She was playing at being a designer, no taste in interior design just another sad wannabe. Dollars from the elite rich, that’s all she wanted.

  9. Raf

    So glad to hear that secret plea deal has been over turned. Protect the girls they protect him. They need to go down, they procured underage girls, they knew it was wrong but greed took over.

  10. Jane Doe 575

    Is he a pedophile too? Must be married to her. Who would marry someone like that if they a decent human being. Hard for her to play the victim while she was meeting with him all those years.

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