Aric Almirola’s wife Janice Goss Almirola

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  1. Mildred Madden

    Hi, Janice!!

    It is certainly great to see you and your husband! I am enjoying your wonderful photos!! I am so glad to follow your story and hope your two kids are terrific!! My husband has followed Nascar for years and often tells me the latest about Aric’s races!! Your photos are just darling–you look as great now as you did in our Harland 4th grade class!!! I did retire from Village School, 4th grade, a few years ago and I substitute teach a few days a week!! I had 2 of my 5 grandkids in 4th grade!! Village School is still awesome–I am subbing there again tomorrow!! I hope you have great memories from there and continue to have great memories with your family!! Please say “Hi!” to your parents also!!! Best wishes to you and Aric!!
    Take care!! Millie Madden

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