Rashad Evans wife Latoya Evans


  1. DJ Pullout

    Although Rashad was my pick to win Season 2 of TUF early on…. I am on board the Tito train for this one. I want to see Tito’s last run at the title go as far as possible. And I never was on the Tito train… I was calling out for his retirement until I saw his last fight. Guy was great and submitted Bader. Tito has like 2 more fights in him before hes done.

  2. DJ Pullout

    I also wouldnt mind seeing Rashad drop to middleweight. I mean he would legit be a good contender for Anderson Silva since his wrestling is so good.

  3. Cleen

    Damn, that shot Evans hit The Iceman with was brutal!

    I figured Tito would beat Bader because of one thing…stamina. For some reason Bader always gasses out while Tito has endurance for days. Never thought that fight would’ve ended like it did.

    Tito vs. Rashad? Jesus, I have no idea. Evans hasn’t fought since May 29th of last year. Maybe the cage rust will get to him.

  4. NegroCheese


    Latoya (nice name, by the way) bout to start shoppin at Wal Mart again, yo!

    Gentlemen, what have we learned? NEVER marry a woman with a name THAT comically low-rent-afro-centric!

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