Phil Davis’ girlfriend Chandella Powell


  1. GC

    Well they aren’t and never have dated. She’s been dating a guy for quite awhile and is now engaged. Not common knowledge since UFC ring girls need appear available to male fans. He’s a white guy.

  2. Crazy broad!! Lmao

    Crazy broad is right who wears that to a wedding he looks like she’s going to a porn convention…she’s a groupie made the gf cut for sure!!! No wonder se was so hyped over catching a bouquet…someone should tell her she really won’t get married if she catches it!!

  3. Is this a joke?

    Is this a joke? The woman catching the bouquet and the woman on the red carpet with Phil are not Chandella. They don’t even look similar to her.

  4. LAME

    That is not Chandella Powell. This entire article is null and void. Check your facts first. Don’t quit your day job there buddy, this was a giant waste of my time!!

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