Nate Marquardt’s wife Tessa Marquardt


  1. Damon

    Nate got fired from the UFC. Ben Askren has called him out to fight him in Bellator. Not a bad fight, and I see Ben taking Nate down at will.

  2. DJ Pullout

    Yup. Nate hasnt been amazing lately and Askren will get the UD against Nate. You watch the interview he did about his TRT?

  3. Velma

    Jessica & Nate married last week, at ssuent, at thea0 Cave B Winery, one of the grandest landscapes I’ve seen for a wedding. Here are a few of my favs- the final one was taken in near darkness at 6400 iso. I heart my 5D Mark II. Not as much as I heart this couple, though.

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