Michael Bisping’s wife Rebecca Bisping


  1. Jobber

    “Bisping is an a–hole who disrespects the sport and his opponent. A fight between me and Michael Bisping is something everybody wants except for Michael Bisping. It would be amazing to sign that fight and have him come to my backyard. He always gets to fight in Britain and other places, but it’d be good to see him come down to Louisiana. I’d love for that to be my comeback fight.” – Alan Belcher

  2. DJ Pullout

    Yeah the Bisping and Belcher fight is official now Im pretty sure. I pray to god Belcher will win but he will def have some serious ring rust after his eye surgery.

  3. DJ Pullout

    Michael Bisping responds to Allen Belcher:

    “I suppose he thinks he can get back in the mix by calling me out. But if he wants an easy fight he should sue his tattooist for that abomination on his arm. I know Belcher has vision problems right now but we still have to look at that mess. He’s got a lot of nerve calling me an a–hole when he walks round with that on him. Although lets be fair, the real a–hole is the tattooist who drew that.” -Bisping

  4. Sam

    Bisping’s reply to Belcher is hilarious!

    Jorge Rivera deserved that knee to the face for those stupid and ridiculous youtube vids.

  5. Roger

    Not sure if all the trash talking has to do with prompting fights. But I recently have done some trade work for the Bispings and both Michael and Rebecca could not have been more kind and down to earth. In no way did I get the impression of any of the things that have been posted about them. Quite the opposite. What I witnessed while in there home was great family atmosphere with lots of hospitality. MichaEl was so cool. AND Rebecca was the sweetest. Was not a huge Bisping fan. But after meeting and chatting with him, I’m now one of his biggest!

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