Lyoto Machida’s wife Fabyola Machida


  1. Anonymous

    your right why did he pick her? he had the chance right? karate master and soon to be ufc champ why would be stress over wife picking? dude ur just plain ignorant, no ones telling u how much pussy fat ur mom has in the front of else how much saggy ass skin she has on her arms? come on bro u can do better than that. he picked her cuz he loves her and cares, ur a douche, i hope machida front kicks ur throat in ur sleep

  2. jaxon arriola

    lyoto has obviously had his choices among many variale types of the female persuation-unlike you Mr.Blogger; un-wittingly go to partake in the lowly depiction as a means to make your worthless se lf …obviously without niether traing nor orientation-much more the discipline or conviction to seek the truth.REAL MEN like Machida KNOW AND LIVE BY DISCIPLINE,STANDARD AND FEROCITY IF NEEDED BE TO HONOR living. we lay the foundation of family and future-you lay scum and maggots feast on the scope of your low-life logic.

  3. Anonymous

    This article actually reflects very poorly on you. You have clearly demonstrated how shallow, ignorant and really just plain immature and childish you are as a person.

    I am sorry sir but you seem to lack some major character, respect and substance as a decent human being. Perhaps if you were disciplined in say karate for example you might learn some respect (no seriously it really teaches respect)

  4. Anonymous

    Let’s have a look at ur pictures and that of ur wife (or husband). And I mean your real pictures and not your fantasy look. Come on bro. I’ll visit your blog a lot often if you’d do that.

  5. Justin B

    Lyoto is handsome, fit, famous and rich. She’s a dog. Good luck to them, but damn, he could be with a 10 if he wanted to. A lot of 10’s.

  6. Benson

    She is far from ugly. i don’t think she’s a 10 but she is very attractive… even if she weren’t, you’re still a dick.

  7. Wade

    Dude , you must be young because you are REALLY DUMB. Looks really mean absolutely nothing. By the way , I think she is attractive . That aside ,just remember , The best looking girl or guy in the world that you can think of , there is someone out there sick of being with them. That proves my point you FREAKEN IDIOT

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