Junior Dos Santos’ Wife Visana Piccozi


  1. DJ Pullout

    OHHHHHH SNAP! I was right to begin with. Nice going Manoilo you putz. Just posted a new pic of his wife seen after he won the belt. Suck on those sweet chocolatey balls! NEVER DOUBT ME AGAIN!!!!!

  2. janise

    Don’t listen 2 what all the haters say about u. u are beatiful. & it’s what’s in the finside that counts:)
    “keep your head up”. be proud of who u are. your the wife of a championship be profud 4 that:)
    people like 2 put people down cuz they have nothing better 2 do with their lives.guess it makes them feel better ; how sad:( tell your husband I’m a fan:) & that he is hottt!!(lol)

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