Jon Jones girlfriend Jessie Moses


  1. Sam

    “I myself have always wanted to be mulatto ever since my friend told me how good he had it. All the girls love him for his good looks and charm…..and he has a huge dong.” Damn, how would you know that? Did you spy on him in the shower and rigorously stroked your tiny penis?

  2. Sam

    Wow, her kids look nothing like her! Lol

    The kid in the 4th pic looks like Arnold Poindexter from Revenge Of The Nerds!

  3. Brittnee

    I am friends with Jon and Jessie..I have known Jon since childhood and he is the most caring person Ive ever come across…and Ive known Jessie since she moved to Endicott in high school from Florida. As far as people saying that he is a hypocrite or that Jessie is white trash, is completely out of line. And in fact in person her kids do look like her. They have similar features and are both as beautiful as can be. Things happen but its not like he left his family or is out with other women. He supports them and is there for them as they are there for him throughout the most crucial parts of his career. If you have nothing nice to say about him or his family and the way that his family was formed or how they lead their lives, dont say anything. Keep your opinions to yourself, he respects everyone he comes across and I expect people to treat him the same.

  4. Keith

    Wow, there are some real haters in this so-called article, I don’t know what John did more to piss people off. Talk about being a Christian, or have a white fiance. Actually this whole article smells like racist sarcastic B.S. – Matthew McConaughey girlfriend Camille is South American, but who cares? Only 7 % of all couples in the US marry inter-racially, so 93% don’t marry inter-racially. Beside how do we know what type of girl his wife is? Please, you guys must be a bunch of girl/boys to talk about someone you don’t know…I believe the real hate is because Jon says he’s a Christian, “yes a Christian can have kids out of wedlock”. The true hypocrites are guys pointing the finger….

  5. Anonymous

    You’re an idiot. The color of ones skin does not dictate the difficulty level of their life and there is nothing sexy about nappy hair.

  6. Ben

    You’re an idiot. The color of ones skin does not dictate the difficulty level of their life and there is nothing sexy about nappy hair. Be happy with who you are, you obviously have no pride in yourself if you wish to be somebody else.

  7. Tim Rider


    what a pretty lady, and what ugly kids shes produced

    Life Fail on her part… Poor thing must have super low self esteem.

  8. Keith L.

    “…and he has a huge dong”. A fucking stalker and a loser. I’m happy for this couple. It wouldn’t be so bad if she said it ’cause they are together and she would just be complementing her dude. But you saying it?? What’s next? Kidnapping her kids and killing his girl so you can be with him?? Try the pen bitchass. Your kind aint wanted out here.

  9. theTROOF

    Since when has being a Mutt been something to strive for. Look at the parents, they have distinct individual traits. The kids are a watered down version of both. That is something admirable?

    Also, writer glamorizes mullatos for the ”best of both words”. Anyone can go into a tanning salon & be brown. Blacks can’t walk into a salon & acquire light features. This is the fundamental difference in races. If your race only has 1 eye color….how interesting can that possibly be?

    As the globe continues to inter-breed: White features & cultures will continue to become even more exclusive. Thus having Mutt children is counter productive. You have lost your individualism.

  10. g-nee

    i love Jon. he is amazing fighter and seems like a descent person. doesn’t talk sh!t like others do. people just hate, cause they wish it was them!

  11. Ell. Brandon

    It’s really mind-blowing to read from your some of your comments what sad, ignorant and pathetic individuals you are. It really says something of someone who makes negative and nasty comments such as I see here. Please grow up…

  12. Wifes UGLY!

    I’m shocked to see him with her, she’s extremely ugly. First T.I & Tiny and now this????? (yes she’s that bad) I guess beauty is truly in the eyes of the beholder on this one. She was ugly as hell before his fame (money) and still is ugly. All the bleach in the world on her hair won’t fix that face.. .. My God! Jones is an amazing fighter but epic fail on the girlfriend thing.. Gross!

  13. sunzu

    It’s sad to see some White guys being so insecure, jealous, and hateful. These same haters talking trash often have no where near Jon Jones success, nor a woman and kids as good looking. Jon Jones is more successful than 95% of the racist haters spewing venom at him.

    Women, including White women, have the freedom of choice to be with who they like and want. Just like you wouldn’t want somebody to tell you who to date and marry, you should give others their freedom.

    Multi-racial children INCREASE genetic variety, not decrease. For the idiot failed genocidal Nazi worshipers who flunked genetics, multi-racial children can have blue eyes, dark skin, light hair, and anything in between. Inbreeding with your sister, especially when you force her to and prevent any other options, doesn’t create variety.

    Cheers to the continued success of Jon Jones, the beautiful love he shares with Jessie Moses, and to their cute daughters.

  14. Ralf

    I’m sorry but his fiancé is just ugly. You can tell he fell for her in highschool bc now she’s butt ass ugly , but he probably thinks he’s stuck with her. I couldn’t believe how ugly she was when I saw her. I mean she’s TI & Tiny ugly!

  15. el rey

    His chick is ugly. Come on Jon with all the white girls out there you chose that one. I would chose a Kate Upton lookalike.

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