Dana White’s Wife Anne White


  1. Brain Boswell

    My wife claims her cousin is married to ufc president dana white. My wife (seperated now) is from Norridge Illinois and told me her cousin married him, at the time I was crazy impressed cuz she knows I’m a super fan of the ufc and mma and all i ever talked about is ufc and how I started watching it the day ufc 1 was 1st aired on tv. In short I was just curious if Anne white had any family at all in Illinois. If she doesn’t and my wife isn’t related at least I know she told me the story out of love knowing the love I have for ufc and the sport of mma.

  2. Leonard nexram lll

    I went to High School with Dana and Anne. I actually was very good friends with Anne and her family . Anne comes from a very strong catholic Italian background. Anne never had an enemy she was liked and loved my everyone. Same goes for Dana , Iam the one who is responsible for Dana shaving his head Bald . We were at a barbecue and I walked up to Dana and said “Dude, shave that shit off, you will look so much better”! Well the rest is History!!!

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