Dan Hardy’s girlfriend Elizabeth Holloway


  1. tsue

    Is it safe to say that if Hardy loses then he’s cut from the UFC?

    Also, why is he headlining the event when he’s lost three in a row. Come on UFC….let’s pretend to be a legitimate organization!

  2. DJ Pullout

    Oh yeah hes gone if he loses this. Even if he wins this it will be a while before the UFC try to build him up again. How can Hardy possibly win this fight? Lytle has better and heavier hands, better jits, and a stronger chin. Hardy will get KO’d.

  3. tsue

    Well, Hardy got submitted, but you were right in saying that Dan would lose.

    A tweet that Lorenzo (UFC Owner) put out stated that Dan Hardy would not be cut because he likes to WAR!!! Lol.

    I watched the Versus broadcast on tv and I couldn’t believe they gave Hardy the lights-out intro. I mean the guy’s lost three in a row.

    Are him and Amir Sodollah in the same weight class? If so, that should be a fun match up, I guess.

  4. DJ Pullout

    I saw that tweet. Interesting. I mean Hardy does put on serious fights. I bet he takes some time off and comes back a couple years down the road.

  5. suntzu

    DAN HARDY? I like watching his gf way more than I like watching him… I just hope we see more of her, she is one beautiful lady.

  6. jackie

    wait they broke up?? I thought they just got married a couple months ago? they are (were) really cute together

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