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Stephen Strasburg's wife Rachel Lackey

Stephen Strasburg's wife Rachel Lackey Strasburg is one of the many fond memories he'll be taking away from San Diego State University. In addition to compiling one of the most insane, unrepeatable, prolific stat line in college baseball history, he also took care of business off the diamond as well. Strasburg was lucky enough to meet his future wife at SDSU as well.

Stephen and Rachel Strasburg were married January 9, 2010 near Strasburg's San Diego home. Strasburg was given a pass to skip out on his first batch of offseason publicity appearances to accommodate the wedding and subsequent honeymoon that was planned in advance of his record contract signing in August of 2009. And really, who wants to upset Stephen Strasburg's wife? He's the franchise!

Strasburg missed out on Nationals Rookie Career Development Program, Winter Caravan and Natsfest. Then GM Stan Kasten was quick to defend the decision to allow Strasburg to skip the event telling the Washington Post, "He was really disappointed to miss Fanfest, but personal stuff takes precedent, obviously. He's already committed to attending next year's Fanfest."

Strasburg rarely discusses his private life, though has previously acknowledged how important Rachel is to him and his journey through from college to the pros, telling Dave Shenin also of the Post: "She's my best friend, I can't imagine her not being here."

Aside from that, there's not a lot of information about Rachel widely available. Strasburg is usually known to be private in the media, which was never more obvious than when the Nats scheduled their press conference to introduce Stephen to the DC press. In the notes made available prior to the event, it was made clear by the front office that family would not be a topic of conversation during the presser:

"Strasburg's family will NOT be available to media [no exceptions]."

Fair enough. We're happy to play by the Nationals rules on this one.

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11 Responses to “Stephen Strasburg's wife Rachel Lackey”

  1. ZB

    How do you expect to be a true major leaguer with a minor league wife, Stephen?

  2. hh

    @ZB better to have the girl next door than the playmate that will take you for everything in 5 years.
    wise choice.

  3. ND

    It's my understanding that she is a fellow athlete, so hopefully she can provide support that a "major league" wife might not. He is certainly going to have a juggernaut career. Was at his Nats debut last night and he was unbelievable.

  4. Kelley

    Rachel is awesome and raised with character that not only will support her man but handle the up and coming challenges of a "public" life. Best Wishes to the both of them

  5. J

    She went to my high school. CRAZY!

  6. joelle

    AA wife Strasburg is only going to be unfaithful for years because he simply got married way way to young how can you possibly know what you want at that age, good luck to them both, lots of heart ache to follow

  7. yoyo

    she looks like a normal, nice girl. These playmates are way overrated...

  8. Jay

    it's refreshing to see a baseball wife/girlfriend who doesn't have bleach blonde or jet black hair, a fake tan, fake boobs and half-naked pictures all over the internet for once. she's a very pretty girl. she looks like kate middleton.

  9. Glenn Danzig


  10. Anonymous

    okay, all of you haters can just stop. Rachel and Stephen are my cousins and you are all being rude and terrible. they are the happiest they could be right now & if you really knew them, you would agree with me.

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