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Bryce Harper's girlfriend Kayla Varner



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UPDATE 10/14/2014: You're the biggest star on the team that many see as World Series champion. What do you do with your week off after the season? Clearly, Bryce Harper's girlfriend Kayla Varner takes the cake, as Bryce travelled to Ohio State to be with his girl.

The past 2 days have been great in Columbus with @kayvarner..Had a blast! Now back to business! #postseason #DC

Unfortunately, the postseason run ended sooner than anticipated. At the very least, it gave Bryce time to plan his upcoming wedding, scheduled for January 2-3. Harper and Varner will marry on January 2 in Southern Caifornia at a Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, before a traditional ceremony the following day.

Bryce has designed his own tuxedos, and according to the Las Vegas Journal Review, will be something to see:
"Harper and his wedding party, nicknamed “The Holy 7,” will wear brilliant Navy sharkskin Bespoke tuxedos with Cognac colored leather shoes."

According to the Journal Review, “The Holy Seven” is a reference to Mickey Mantle’s No. 7" Harper's favorite player growing up.

UPDATE: When we last updated our post on Bryce Harper's girlfriend Kayla Varner in late March, we were hearing whispers that the two were engaged. We may have been just a little early there as information began circulating late Friday that Kay Varner is about to become Bryce Harper's wife.

The news hit Twitter after the couple's engagement pictures were put up on their photographers blog (and since removed). Bryce and Kayla were pictured around various DC landmarks draped in the American flag. It's not entirely clear when the engagement took place, so it may be that those March rumors were true and the pictures took place recently. Considering the start of the season was a little rough putting Bryce has been on the shelf with a thumb and wrist injury for a month, there has been plenty of time for a photo shoot.

Whenever the engagement actually took place is irrelevant. The two are linked by the ring and set to be married now. Congratulations to Bryce Harper & Kayla Varner!

UPDATE 03/30/2014 Congratulations may be in order to Bryce Harper's girlfriend Kayla Varner, as rumors and pictures are suggesting that Harper and Varner may now be engaged.

Varner, who was at BYU for the last two years before transferring to THE Ohio State this year, was seen in recent pictures with an enormous rock on the ring finger of her left hand. Both Varner and Harper hail from Las Vegas and have been dating for years while Bryce took over the capital (and got ridiculously jacked this winter). No confirmation from either party, but with as much love as he publicly shows on Twitter this rumor would fit very easily.

Good luck to both (and to Bryce on my fantasy roster).

The teenage phenom, and as of tonight, reigning NL Rookie of the Year Bryce Harper has taken over Washington, DC. Harper helped take the Nats to the 2012 playoffs by hitting 22 bombs and driving in 80 runs in less than a full season in his debut campaign in the bigs. Though his margin of victory over fellow rookies Todd Frazier and Wade Miley wasn't the runaway win that AL ROY Mike Trout saw, his title is still valued the same.

For a while now, the question has been pouring in as to who is Bryce Harper's girlfriend. Thanks to the social media campaign pushed by MLB, Harper joined Twitter and answered the question for us all. Bryce Harper's girlfriend Kayla Varner also hails from Bryce's hometown of Las Vegas, NV and is now a sophomore at BYU, where she also plays soccer.

Impressively enough, both Harper and Varner were able to keep the news quiet for quite a while. Considering the amount of attention Bryce Harper gathers throughout DC, and how badly people have wanted to know exactly who he's dating, this feat is especially impressive. The two regularly tweet at, or retweet to one another, so if this relationship has a shorter shelf life, we'll certainly watch it unravel. Good luck to the two kids here,... this has to be one of the most challenging long distance relationships we could imagine.

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  1. John

    She is beautiful - nice fresh faced GND beauty. Way to go Bryce

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    She goes to BYU. You know what that means? No wonder Bryce gets so pissed when he strikes-out. He strikes-out OFTEN ENOUGH with his girlfriend

  3. T Ryan

    Hey Danny, guess what? Bryce is also LDS genius...

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