R.A. Dickey’s wife Anne Dickey


  1. Eva Keegan

    Wow, I just finished reading RA’s book and I am so impressed with him – and with you! Thank you for being such a constant in his life. I can’t imagine how he survived everything, both personally and professionally, and is still a decent, loving person. I have my fingers crossed that this will be THE YEAR for Mr. Dickey and my NY Mets!

  2. Elaine Ellenburg Smith

    I so enjoyed reading about your faith and strength in RA’s book. I knew your mother in Kingsport, Tn. She was a friend of my sister- Sue Ellenburg Hight. I clearly remember watching the Miss America pagnet when I just knew your Mom would win.
    I am also Alberta Fitzerald’s aunt and spend quality time with David, Alberta, and the girls at Blue Ridge every summer. David is so proud of RA and we all are rooting for him to win the Cy Young award!!

  3. Huey Loose

    In a time of low moral standards and compromised ethics, comes this inspiration.
    R.A. Dickey is a treasure and a hero. Proof that dreams come true and miracles happen!

  4. Joel Romanyshyn

    The book
    Phenomenal!! I really enjoyed Reading not
    Only about baseball, but also your incredible
    Journey that you and RA have travelled . Thank you for sharing this inspiring book with the world

  5. Mike Mullen


    I knew RA as a kid. We played baseball together. He pitched (of course) and I was a catcher. We would reunite each summer and had a pretty good friendship. Being a father now, I look back to the young man he was and can see what a special kid he was. I am so glad that God has blessed you and your family. I know RA deserves it. Please, you and RA never lose faith and never forget from where you came. I wish you, RA, and your children continued blessings and success. Please tell him I said hello and God bless.

    Mike Mullen

  6. Tony

    My wife was sexually aboused by her brother over the course of a number of years starting at age 7. She completely imploded and had a nine monthe affair with an older man. Therapy all points to a definative link to her abuse and holding her secret for so many years. No one knew. How do I see past it. I understand the abuse and how horriffic it is. But I struggle with the phycical nature of it all. Unfortunately I read countless Emails shared between them. I have seen a Psycho Therapist but still fall back into thinking about it.

    How did you do it. What can i learn from you.

    Thank You

  7. Jennifer Bowyer, TN

    I received this book for Christmas and I have already finished it. It is a wonderful read! I felt as though I was right there with him going thru each trial and tribulation. The spirit lift was cry jerking. I will recommend to many and in fact to several I already have. God bless your wonderful family!

  8. Mary

    Anne, We saw your story and R.A. on 60 Minutes and want to support your efforts in India. Please contact me. I have been traveling to India for the past 7 years and go usually more than once in a year.

  9. Coy Dickey

    Hi, Ann that I’m am your aunt and uncle postman in Belle Meade. I do family history on Dickey. Where is RA grandfather from? I’m from Lawerenceburg,TN. My son and his two son are crazy about RA because he is relative to them. My father history go back about 1700. I RA grow up in Woodbine area.

  10. Arlene Dibley

    My husbands grandmothers maiden name was Maggie Dickey, born in Manitoba Canada. Wondering if your husband is related?

  11. Jim and Lois McMurray

    I have read R A’ book and followed his career in Toronto. He continues to be an asset to the Jays. I am glad your family has been able to gain some financial stability.

    We all know that we have something of much greater value in knowing Jesus and having the promises that knowledge gives to us . May God bless you as a family .

    Each time R A starts I pray that he will be able to do his best. There are so many things in this world that require the Lord’s attention that are more important than baseball. I believe, however, that our God is never too busy to address our tiniest concerns (like where are my keys?)

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