Mark Buehrle’s wife Jamie Buehrle


  1. burr

    I hate to say it, but you’re an idiot. Some day you will look back on what you wrote here and be embarrassed by it.

  2. thinds

    Read it again, and I still feel fine with it. I thoroughly disagree with 1) her weighing in publicly on Mike Vick and 2) using his bankruptcy as a thinly veiled reason reason to support a continued suspension, when she clearly hates him for dogfighting. She sounded like a ridiculous Around the Horn panelist trying to just say something different, and I called it out.


    Maybe the mike vick fans should hope for some injuries for the Buehrle kids or
    maybe an arm injury for Mark.

    in the abstract i’d vote for both just so people would learn its not right to
    look for anyone to be hurt.

    should be interesting what the future will hold

  4. gregster

    In doglanguage, Karma’s a bitch. This might come back to bite him, maybe’ll he’ll be injured or have a significant amount of losses. Play ball

  5. Eileen

    THANK YOU so much for standing up to Michael Vick. He is a disgusting human being for what he did to all of those dogs. Not only was he abusive to pit bulls he used other dogs as bait dogs. I have nightmare’s over this. He should have never beeen able to get back on the NFL. It is not right. Thank you again for standing up to him for the horrendous acts he commited on those poor defenseless dogs!

  6. thinds

    Let me ask you an honest question:

    Mark Buehrle baits bears. If you’re unaware, he literally brings food to one location over a period of time, then ultimately perches in a tree waiting to kill the bear.

    How is that any different at all?

  7. Cindi

    Help me to understand how in the hell it is ok to bring Buehrle’s kids into this!!!! Those that commented in that regard are sick, sick, sick people. Regardless of people’s opinions, which they are entitled too, it is not ok, or even morally correct to bring children into a discussion such as this. Shame on you!!!!

  8. Paulie K

    This article is ridiculous. Yes, Buehrle hunts and fishes. He also eats the meat he collects from those animals. Vick hurt domesticated animals for his own benefit. Those two things are nothing alike and should not be compared.

  9. thinds

    Wow,… can’t believe we “jumped the shark,” three years ago by posting a tongue in cheek commentary to her comments that she had no business making. By Stan… won’t miss you pal.

  10. Amy Buehrle English

    Fuck all you sick ignorant sad people for dragging my innocent nephew an niece into his and wishing ANY harm to them….OR any child for that matter. I’ll be dammed I I sit back and say nothing. I’m not sure who you think you are or what horse you think you ride on, but grow the fuck up and get a life.

    And to the person who wrote this article, shame on you. Why don’t you put your writing skills to an actual productive use and do something positive???

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