Colby Rasmus’ wife Megan Rasmus


  1. John

    She is beautiful – has a great smile and looks like a fun person to be around. The last pic “Bubbles” is funny!

  2. Derek

    You are a lucky women and at least you no that you are married to hard working guy I hope he plays for many more years in a jays uniform, all the best in your future life with Colby lets win a World Series go jays go.

  3. Maple Leaf Mama

    Good looking couple…great dog…Please Megan, use your wifely pursuasive
    Southern charm and convince Colby to shave off that excuse for a beard.
    Not that it matters but my opinion as a fan…It looks silly. just like the cornrow look he attempted. He is a sweet looking guy…Don’t mess with what looks
    good. Stay as sweet as you are !! Less is more !!

  4. Cid

    Is he still married to Megan??
    There is a girl that says they got married earlier this year? ?
    Just trying to find the truth as this woman might be living in fantasy land.

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