Nolan Ryan’s Wife Ruth Ryan


  1. Norm Peters

    Ruth: I sent an invitation to Nolan to have you two join Lynda and me for lunch here in Georgetown….both to welcome you to and to give you a little history of your current home town. Nolan was kind enough to respond and I do realize he is one busy guy, especially at this time of the year.

    The invitation, however, remains open as I’ve a feeling you and Lynda will hit it off, both being sharp and active women who understand and practice the concept of serving. We have lived here since 1971 (Southwestern brought me here) and can provide interesting tid-bits about this area. Have you tried El Monumento yet?

    Give us a call and let’s find time to meet and enjoy conversation.

    Norm Peters, or Lynda

  2. Bonnie Patrick

    Is it true Ruth Ryan is related to Aggie and Ben Scott of McColl, SC? My mom is Betty Scott Miller. This was told to me as a child but never confirmed. Just curious.

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