Mitch Moreland's fiancee Susannah Higgins



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Huge props to reader Lynn Marie who pointed us in the right direction on this one.
Mitch and Susannah met 10 years ago when Susannah was on vacation. The then 13 year old Susannah saw a 15 year old Mitch throwing a football on the beach, and decided to chase after him. Susannah claims that the two spoke on the phone every night for the next two years.
The two went their separate ways, but came back together in September, 2009 after lengthy periods without being in touch with one another. After coming back together, it took only 10 months for Mitch to drop to one knee and put a ring on Susannah's finger. The two will be married November, 13, 2011, shortly after the Rangers wrap up their 2011 title hunt.
We should note that when we were covering the Packers in their pursuit of a Super Bowl title, we came across the fact that Tramon & Shantrell Williams had the biggest wedding party we've ever seen before, with 28 members total. Unfortunately, that record is dropping on November 13, when Mitch and Susannah will have 32 members in their wedding party. Amongst those will be some of Mitch's former teammates including Justin Smoak, who was dealt to Seattle.
But seriously. 32 in the wedding party... 32.

One quick item of interest. Susannah mentions when describing their story that she competed in the Miss Alabama competition. Seriously... who the hell could have beaten her? I mean, Alabama must bring the heat in these competitions, huh?

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