Matt Harrison’s wife Meghan Harrison


  1. alisha

    I think its great that Meghan and Matt have been together since high school they were a sweet couple then and still today! congrats on the baby, you make our small town proud.

  2. Laura

    I’m with you Alisha, I love Meghan, always have, she’s such a sweet girl, and I’m so happy to see them living the dream!

  3. Frankie M

    Meghan I am so happy for you and Matt I try to watch the game every time Matt is on the mound he is an awesome baseball player and even better man. I remember going to our high school games when he played for south granville I knew he would make the pros one day. I never thought in my whole life that I would know a professional sports athlete personally. I know I wasn’t really known in high school I kept to my self back then due to my medical problems. I continue to do that now at work and my personal life I don’t have that many friends due to my medical problems not being able to drive with my Tourette’s Syndrome. Thats why I consider you and Matt my best friends I know I may not talk to yall much but i know y’all would never make fun of me. One day I hope to save enough $ to come to Texas and watch Matt live in a game. Thank you two for everything I hope y’all continue to do great and I would love to hear from you and Matt please feel free to call or text me anytime at 919-896-9713. Y’all take care and GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!! Go # 54!!!!!!!

  4. craig r

    we all know that meghan was not into baseball until she met matt and his natural born talent to play the game of baseball. Now baseball is meghans life. Now you could not have asked for a better wife than that Matt.

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