Lance Berkman’s wife Cara Berkman


  1. Robert Pietzsch

    He’s one of my favorite players. Glad he’s on a Texas team again. He killed the Astros and the Rangers with the Cardinals. Lance was born in Waco, where I was born. Hope he is back in the lineup soon to take the Rangers to a World Series win.

  2. Terri Brown

    Hey Cara,
    My name is Terri Brown, l live in Butte, montana, with my husband and two kids. On March 17th, 2015, our house caught fire. We lost about 75% of our things due to fire, smoke and water, But my five year old lost nearly everything in her room. Living paycheck to paycheck, we have spent every penny we have moving into a new rental and replacing necessities such as food and toothbrushes. Hailey is the sweetest five almost six year old you will ever meet, caring, polite, smart as a whip, and optimistic Are just a few characteristics I would use to describe her. For example, when we told her about the fire, the first thing she asked about wasn’t her toys, her clothes or her room, it was her 16month old little brother. She hasn’t complained once about the loss of her things. But I feel bad that she lost so much and I really want to start replacing her things but I can’t finacially. If I could replace one thing right this moment, it would be the Barbie dream house ( the smaller one) she got for Christmas, and asked for all of last year. I’m not sure if this is something you usually respond too but if you could help me replace it or even match me half (half would be
    about $25.00 if I can find it on sale again)for her, or even a few barbies it would be such a blessing. I know this is a long shot but I’m willing to try anything at this point! I know there are way more needy people out there and if you can’t fulfil this request, I totally understand, she will get in in time even if I have to pick up side jobs This summer.

    Thank you for reading our story any thing would be appreciated! !
    Terri Brown

  3. Alissa and Nina

    I would love to reconnect with Cara Berkman. Years ago in celebration we hung out with our little girls a few spring in a row. When I moved to Milwaukee area we lost touch and I lost my phone with her number, which is not something that can be looked up. She was a wonderful heart to get to know.

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