Derek Holland’s girlfriend Lauren


  1. Lisa

    You are great & growing into a pitcher we need! Do not leave lol. You are funny & hot – great combo. It was funny that you shared cleaning up your place for your parents. I like that you talk about your dog. Have 2 myself @ they are huge. Keep up the great pitching & positive attitude. Hugs & kisses – Lisa in Frisco

  2. Unknown

    Hello derek holland fans im dylan and i know alot about lauren hicks her mom is my home ec teacher lauren is kind and hot

  3. The new Lauren :)

    Just to let y’all know they split awhile ago…I’ve known her for years and she is a very sweet and beautiful girl. Derek is a sweetheart and is currently doing great! :)

  4. Sharon

    I saw the video and she didn’t want to be on camera so was hiding in another room and derek made her get on camera. funny couple!

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