Matt Moore’s girlfriend Anna Orlando


  1. Amy Reynolds

    Hi I am Amy Reynolds I am a huge fan of the rays I go to a game a sirise you are an amazing pitcher Matt I love to see you pitch live so keep up the good work and GO RAYS, GO MATT MOORE

  2. Karen Cook

    Hi Anna, I met your wonderful grandparents on a cruise last month. My son, Cam, hung out with your sister, Ali. He’s looking for her on FB. Do you know if she’s on there? Thanks, you sound like a brilliant & amazing woman.

  3. Aaron edwards

    Karen cook ally is my sister and so is Anna and I don’t think she is on fB. But the guy or girl who wrote this article your a jerk Matt is really nice so idk why you don’t like him or why he’s your enemy

  4. Angelica

    Seems like this person has never had an accomplishment in his or her life.
    What have you done in life to be judged on? Most likely nothing. Then again maybe you forgot to ask if someone wanted fries with that. Matthew is a wonderful human being and one of the best pitchers out there. Jealousy will get you no where. Then again, like my mother used to say… If you think you can do it better, go out there and do so. Truth is Matt has more talent in his little toe then you do your whole feeble little mind.

    Ramirez, Ph.D times 3 and his Older Cousin

    Go Matt!

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