Evan Longoria’s one time, rumored girlfriend Jaime Hanna


  1. lil dez

    First off they are just friends they never dated second 2 out of those 6 pictures arent even her you guys are fucking idiots!! Check your sources

  2. KM

    LOL. I heard they went to a football game together and that was pretty much it. That constitutes dating now?

  3. A

    Hahahahahaha I’m good friends with Evan, and I assure you, he does NOT have a girlfriend. He is 100% single, and he makes that very clear if you ask him. This girl is getting way too much attention for this silly rumor lol.

  4. lutz lady

    He is a manly man..you are obviously jealous Jay…he is young & concentrating on his sport…hasn’t got enough time for a real relationship right now, he’s only 23..
    A, if you really do know him, give him our best..he is so kind to fans…glad he is being compared to Jeter, I know he will surpass him on every level.

    GO RAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. R ick

    I live in Miami and was very proud because I thought Longoria and Garza were Dominican like me but then I read that they are both Southern Calif. Mexicans. Thats o k Im still proud of them.

  6. angie

    The pic on the bottom left is not Jaime however, the other three ARE all the same girl which IS dating him.

  7. arth

    I believe Evan Longoria is of Mexican descent. I heard he was going to accept an invite to play for Mexico in the World Baseball Classic.
    The question is not what his Nationality is, but what is his Ethnicity. His Nationality is American. His Ethnic make-up may be Spanish or Italian descent.

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