Yadier Molina’s wife Wanda Molina


  1. ashly

    ewww she is sooo freaking ugly!!! im sorry but she looks like a true Mexican hahaha …. Yadi you can do better then that buddy.

  2. ashly

    lol… her nationality doesn’t make her any prettier, she still UGLY and chubby hahaha she kind of looks like oompa loompa (sorry to be to honest) and i agree with Arianna, Yadi you can do SOOOO much better boo =)

  3. lily

    Ashly, you’re a bit to harsh–borderline cruel. I must say I do detect a bit of jealousy. Obviously, if he’s with her, he must love her. I have to mention, your “sorry to be to honest,” should read, “sorry to be too honest.” Not only are you rude,cruel, and jealous, but you are also dumb.

  4. Tayler

    I agree with Lily. You’re just jealous and ashley is kind of racist. I love Yadi. At least he’s not running around with a bunch of different whores and making an ass out of himself in the media. I think his wife is beautiful and has it ever occurred to you that maybe in that second picture of them she’s pregnant. She just had Arianna last year so there is no telling when that picture was taken. You girls are probably the ugly ones. Hiding behind your computers commenting on how some one looks. you’re just as bad as the ESPN commentators talking about Yadi’s brother. Grow up.

  5. Ashly

    Lily call me Jealous, rude, cruel or even DUMB hahaha i don’t care. this is a blog and i’m expressing my opinion. I really do think this women is not pretty at ALL and regarding Yadi loving her, IM SURE he does!! LOVE IS BLIND! LOL…

    2) the 2nd picture of Yadi’s Ugly wife was taken on August 19, 2011 after a game Arianna was already a year old so no excuses for being FAT.

  6. Josh

    Wow you girls can be mean.
    I saw Yadi and his family about 3 weeks ago at Red Lobster they were having dinner right next to me. to tell yall the truth Wanda is not a good looking women, she is short and chubby BUT she seem nice. she was taking care ofher kids and she wouldn’t talk to much. on the other hand, Yadi is not a good looking men either so i guess they are ment for eachother.

  7. Josh

    Wow you girls can be mean.
    I saw Yadi and his family about 3 weeks ago at Red Lobster they were having dinner right next to me. to tell yall the truth Wanda is not a good looking women, she is short and chubby BUT she seem nice. she was taking care ofher kids and she wouldn’t talk to much. on the other hand, Yadi is not a good looking men either so i guess they are ment for eachother.

  8. Josh

    Wow you girls can be mean.
    I saw Yadi and his family about 3 weeks ago at Red Lobster they were having dinner right next to me. to tell yall the truth Wanda is not a good looking women, she is short and chubby BUT she seem nice, she was taking care ofher kids and she wouldn’t talk to much. on the other hand, Yadi is not a good looking men either so i guess they are ment for eachother.

  9. Erica

    I saw Yadi’s wife today at the parade and ohhh men!!! she is the ugliest wives/girlfrinds out of all the cardinals, the only thing cute about her today was her son right next to her…. the little boy is ADORABLE!

  10. Anthony

    i saw her at the parade too, she looked bored. She doesn’t look like she would be Yadiers wife, she looks more like the babysitter of the family.

  11. Emma

    i know, she never looks happy when they are together! i’d hate too see her at home lol! I hope that whole divorce thing is tue, cause Yadi you can do so much better (:

  12. GigiFan

    I think it must be a tough life having your spouse gone so much. Alot of stress and strain. I personally think she’s a lovely young lady, so not sure what you all are talking about. Perhaps you don’t know what is considered beautiful by hispanics. My son has had girlfriends while in Mexico and they have a different charm in their looks. I know I often felt like an ugly duckling because I wasn’t the traditional Irish/German-looking girl growing up, but I realize now, while I was never cute in the traditional midwest sense, my looks have a more classic European look. Perhaps that’s how we should consider beauty in other cultures, something to be appreciated without always understanding how to evaluate it If you all are Yadi fans, like me, hope you can be a bit more positive and kinder to him and his wife. He seems like a nice guy who doesn’t deserves to be unhappy, so please don’t wish a divorce on him! And please don’t take offense, but realize that even your man can always do better if he weren’t in love with you!

  13. SuperFan482

    In America, she may not be the prettiest girl out there, but in Puerto Rico she may be. Yadi did not marry her for looks, he married her because he loves her. Love is in the eyes of the beholder. She is the mother of his two beautiful children, which makes her 10 times more beautiful in his eyes. Not every athlete has to have a blonde American woman as a wife. I believe that Yadi is an honorable man that will stick to his wedding vows. There is nothing out there saying that they are getting a divorce.

  14. SuperFan482

    NOW LEAVE WANDA, YADI, AND THEIR FAMILY ALONE!!! They are a normal family just like any other family, just with a famous daddy and husband.

  15. MegaFan

    Last time i saw her she had red hair. i don’t think she is as ugly as this girls make her look, BUT defenetelly she can do a better job fixing/takig care of her self.

  16. yadi fan

    for you jealous bitches out there you would like yadi too pick you up but as you can see he doesnt pick up trash he leaves that for the garbage men

  17. Taina

    All I can say is that all of you are jelouse of the life she got with her beutiful family. Yadier loves Wanda and THERE WILL BE NO DIVORCE…. I can say that they are high school sweethearts. Wanda is a beautiful girl and i saw her 2 months ago and she is not chubby. The only thing that I can say is that Wanda has always been SHY since she was little. Wanda does not need to fix up. Yadier loves her for who she is NOT for what she looks like.

  18. annonymous

    Wanda Torres is a great woman she has all the qualities that a man looks for in a woman. Yadier is lucky to have Wanda as his wife. Wanda is the BEST.

  19. valerie

    fist of all your all jealous wanda is amazing.so please back off i bet if you were her you wodn’t like people to hurt you.wanda is beautiful and really nice a know this because i met her.so leave her alone.and for you wanda live your happy life and forget what people say.

  20. GINA

    I have known Yadier since his rookie year when he first came to the states. Nice guy, but money definitely changes you, I don’t care what anyone says. He always told me he doesn’t love his wife, even before he married her. After he married her he told me wanted a divorce. I know he doesn’t love her in the true meaning of love, but I’m sure he cares about her much more now that they have children together. Anyway, just a bit on insight from someone that knows him since before he was a ‘star’.

  21. Angela

    @Josh- Seriously, you are saying Yadier is ugly? I think he’s GORGEOUS. I lived in Joplin, MO for 3 months so I am partial to the team but that is not why I watch it. I could look at him all day long. Maybe it’s bc ur a guy that u can’t tell. I can’t believe two opinions could be so opposite but I guess that’s why ppl are interesting. I’d say Wanda is one tremendously lucky lady. She gets to nail that. She’s cute in that top picture. So what if she’s chubby?

  22. Melissa

    I’ve met her, and not only is she gorgeous in person, but she’s also incredibly sweet. Haters can keep on hating, it will only motivate the Molina’s to be kinder, more successful people.

  23. Patricia

    What mean bitches talking about Yadier and his wife like that….disgusting. If you can’t say something nice, then don’t say anything at all. Have you no manners? Bitches…..

  24. rachel

    @GINA, if you say he always told you he doesn’t love his wife, even before he married her, then why did he tied the knot? maybe he is just telling you that because he wants YOU to believe that and have a good time with you?

  25. Jaime

    WOW. I am seriously blown away/disheartened by just how cruel people can be. It’s amazing what people say these days since there is no accountability for it. Whatever happened to “If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all”? These are people with feelings. Her husband plays baseball. It’s not like they are out running around getting on the cover of magazines and sharing every aspect of their lives for people to comment on. I realize you have a right to your opinion, but at the same time, there are consequences to freedom of speech. I can only hope in retrospect that you feel ashamed of yourself for writing such awful things about a person. And about their looks? Religious or not, God or their parents whoever works for you, I’m certain would not appreciate your putting down their creation. Sad and wrong. Hopefully one day, sooner than later you will decide to put forth as much effore as you did in your put downs and start using that effor towards compliments or restraint from making an ass of yourself.

  26. Anonymous

    why is everyone talking shit about this poor woman??? i feel bad for her, she doesn’t know she is married to a Douchebag! this guy acts nice and humble to the public, but he is actually a jerk. He sleeps around with all this different woman’s, tells them he is going through a divorce, play with their minds, makes them believe he is soo in love with them and once he gets bored of them he kicks them to the curb…. if he keeps doing all this s*it don’t be surprise he becomes the next Tiger Woods

  27. me

    why is everyone talking shit about this poor woman??? i feel bad for her, she doesn’t know she is married to a Douchebag! this guy acts nice and humble to the public, but he is actually a jerk. He sleeps around with all this different woman’s, tells them he is going through a divorce, play with their minds, makes them believe he is soo in love with them and once he gets bored of them he kicks them to the curb…. if he keeps doing all this s*it don’t be surprise he becomes the next Tiger Woods

  28. yoyo

    I have no idea how I got on this website, but the comments I read on here make me very sad for society. Wow.

  29. Forgive them for they no not what they do.....

    It’s unfortunate some people have forgotten how to love.

    I’m sure the mother of any child would be upset if someone was bashing their children.

    Most people are good hearted but there are those who are ignorant.

    I just have to say on a postive note, what a great job Mrs. Molina has done with her sons. They are talented and willing to give back to the community. Hold your head high and be proud. As for Yadier’s wife… she is a beautiful women. Marriage is hard enough without the spot light, I pray for the marriage and the lives of their families!!

    I’m a mother of two beautiful children who love God and are not afraid to stand up for what is right…. it would hurt to hear someone say something evil about them but I would also know…. their statement was completely false…. I would also feel sorry for those who have nothing but evil things to say… it says to me they are very lost people who are unhappy…

    The old saying is….. if you don’t have something nice to say….. don’t say anything at all.

    I have no idea the character of the Molina brothers…. I certainly wouldn’t begin to judge them…. everyone of us are sinners…. who are we to judge anyone….

    I am however, a huge Cardinal’s Fan!! I appreciate Yadier’s ability to be a great catcher!!!! Go Cards!!!

  30. kentucky

    Whatever started this about the Molinas? This is sad. Some claim to know them personally, and others just attack them without knowing them. I wouldn’t know them if I saw them in public, but I surely wouldn’t sit and say ugly things about them. It’s just not right. I’m going to assume that this is some sort of game some are playing to see who can say the worst things about people in the public eye. Surely, you don’t mean all the hateful things you have written about either of them.

  31. frozen

    i can’t believe all of these mean comments towards yadi’s wife. she has done nothing and i saw her at the parade and she looks BEAUTIFUL!!all of you are jealous because yadi is with her and not you. so maybe the haters should just shut up.

  32. Ellie

    I know all of us have our own opinions about Yadi’s wife, whether she is beautiful or ugly or fat or skinny, but you got to realize that it isn’t what is on the outside, it’s on the inside. He is happily married and I know he tries to keep his family (including his children) out of the spotlight. He is just a husband who plays for a Major League Baseball team. If you don’t know the Molina’s personally, then you have no right to sit here and bitch about his decision’s, including his marriage. Some things people are saying on this website, is pretty tragic and
    embarrassing actually. So if you don’t have something nice to say about this innocent women, then don’t say it at all. It’s none of your business if they do get a divorce, and it isn’t any of your business if they don’t.

  33. kara

    all you people that are saying rude things about wanda need to stop because its none of your business if he loves her or not and im sure he does.

  34. Annie

    I arrived at this site through reading about Yadier Molina’s absence from the 2012 All Star game due to the death of his wife’s grandfather and his having a bereavement leave. I am shocked and sickened to read this garbage about any human being but especially about a woman who is being discussed simply because she is married to someone. It is such ugly, hateful garbage and it makes me feel sad and sick to think that either she or Yadi would happen upon this bilge from such little minds who have access to a computer. I think Yadier Molina is about the best baseball player ever and the Cardinals are so lucky to have him! He is a great player now and someday, if he chooses to do so, he will very likely be an fantastic GM because he has such tremendous “baseball smarts”. All any of us knows about his wife are from the pictures here. I am glad that Yadi is happy and healthy and has a loving family. I think she is lovely and they make a beautiful couple. The baseball life has to be so very hard on families but Mrs. Molina has much to be proud of in her husband and I wish them all the best in and out of baseball. I hope they know that the low-minds who post the kind of garbage that has appeared here are a tiny majority of humanity and that those who love Yadi and what he brings to the joy of being a Cardinals fan is deeply valued.

  35. Amanda F

    Yadi is a pro baseball player, what does his personal life have to do with anything? I watch the man play and he is the best! Do I think that Yadi is gorgeous? Heck yeah! But I am not going to bash his wife out of jealousy. He seems like a smart and honest man and I am sure if he didnt love his wife they would not still be married. Wanda is beautiful, just for the record. If you are a true Yadi fan show him as well as his family respect .

  36. Rosie H-town

    All I have to say is that Yadier Molina is a dam good ball player n he marks beyond a 10 on my meter!!!!!!!!!!! His wife is VERY LUCKY to have him n maybe he is too! All that matters is that he is HAPPY….people will always something to say NO MATTER WHAT! HATERS WILL BE HATERS!!!!!!!!

  37. Barbie

    So what if she has some extra pounds or not bleach blonde hair or fake boobs and well fake. Shes a mom, a normal girl who isnt 105lbs soaking wet. I applaud Yadi for marrying and being with someone who is just an average joe. That means thar hes a real man and doesnt need a doctored up, fake woman. If you were truely a fan of Yadi’s you wouldnt make fun of his family. No matter who it is. Im ashamed some of you spew crap when in real life you would probably fangirl your pants off if you got to meet either one of them. Tell me im wrong, I dare you….. Wanda <3 Keep doin your thang girl!

  38. Cassandra

    It’s sad to look on one website and see all these negative comments about a women who is innocent. It shows a lot about society.

  39. kayley

    The sick comments on this website my lord, I’m pretty sure I’m about to blow up from the stupidity. She is gorgeous and I have to say it must be tough for her. Her husband when he is away playing baseball, how hard it must be to take care of two little kids like that without him. I’m sure they are both lucky to have each other.
    Just because Wanda is chubby doesn’t mean she isn’t pretty. She has 2 kids with Yadi. Mothers don’t lose baby weight that fast. I’m sure she is too busy taking care of her and Yadi’s children then to hire a nanny so she can work out. She is pretty, he is a gorgeous man, and their children are adorable. They are a great looking family. Now lets focus on Yadi’s playing instead of what they look like.

  40. Steve

    Wow!!! Such mean – judgmental comments. I would hate to be associated with any of the negative people who commented and I wouldn’t. They would be all over you for probably anything – criticizing you left and right. The truth is they are just as hard on themselves and it’s exhausting being around critical people. We all judge but it’s the degree of it. As long as he’s happy that’s what matters and a true friend would support him and not judge him. The negative people who commented are obviously NOT his friends and never would be. You don’t get into heaven for your looks or how much money you make. You get in for what kind of person you are.

  41. Lyndsay

    I sat right behind Wanda & their children lastSaturday at the ball game. Wanda is a beautiful lady & so sweet. I’m sure Yadi & her are very happy together. I wish them many years of happiness. Some of you guys should be really ashamed of the cruel things you said about her…what if that was you? You would be very hurt, imagine how she feels.

  42. Billie

    Wanda is a beautiful lady and if Yadi loves her and you are a fan of Yadi which I am then you should respect her. Wanda no matter what there will always be ppl out there that does not like themselves so they cant like anyone else

  43. sheri

    anyone who really loved and respected yadi ,wouldnt be on here bashing the people he loves most in the world , so she isnt a fake plastic and silicone hollywood bimbo ,he married his highschool sweetheart , that makes me love and respect him even more .

  44. Laura

    What is wrong with you people bashing somebody you don’t even know! Yadi is an awesome player and role model…..show some respect for him and his family! AMAZEBALLS!

  45. Linda

    I personally think that Yadi should be thrilled about his family and himself because they are all gorgeous. The Cardinals are one lucky team to have such a man who looks so contained when he goes up to bat. Keep it up Yadi and don’t you are your wife listen to all the idiots in this country.

  46. Jen

    OMG! What a lot of empty words of these girls… Which are your standards of beauty? I bet that you’re not in that meter, cause you don’t touch neither around her ankle>
    I saw her and she was introduced to me in a ball game. Shes amazing, beautiful, kind, very smart plenty of wisdom and she won the heart of everybody there that day. The wife’s were around in the game selling numbers for draw with autographed balls and there was a ballpark employee that try to win one from Yadi and even use her credit card to BUY TICKETS TO win only ONE ball…. by her surprise MRS MOLINA WERE THERE she didn’t won and she leaves sad….and she had spent like $150 something like that trying, anyway Mrs Molina heard and she moves out OF THE AREA went to Mr Molina and ask for one, she went back and ask for her and gives her the ball directly from them!!! If she ( thanks God, she isn’t)were one of you girls she wouldn’t mind cause you were so mean that your heart is like that…black and senseless. but , mrs molina did the right thing because she doesn’t mind what people would think she just move and ask her husband for one autographed ball…BRAVO MRS MOLINA KEEP YOURSELF THE WAY YOURE!!!! YOUR HUSBAND IS THE ONE SHOULD BE PROUD OF YOU!!!!

  47. HomeRunHitter

    You are so judgemental. I think that Yadi’s wife is pretty. I think that Yadi is a lucky man. You are dumb if you say otherwise. You just need to shut your faces and leave his wife alone.

  48. kara

    if you people want to talk trash about someone talk about yourself. because i think wanda is very pretty. all u haters do is sit behind your computers talking trash about people. but your probably just jealous.

  49. kara

    i have seen yadi at a cardinals game once not only does he look hot he looks nice.
    whatever u ppl say on here isnt true if he was a manwhore(which hes not) he would be divored. and if he didnt love wanda then why would he marry her? you ppl are just talking trash about the couple cause you want wanda to see this and believe that he is a manwhore (which hes not) just so wanda will divocre him and u have a better chance to marry him. well guess what i dont see a divorce in the future for them.

  50. #1cardsfan

    maybe u ppl just need to lay off this beautiful women. i am sure yadi didnt know what love was until he met wanda. im sure he would do anything for her. she is the mother of is two adorable little ones and that makes yadi love hr even more. most of you guys talkin trash about her if yadi seen this im sure he would be really upset.

  51. kyla

    i have seen yadi and his wife before here in st.louis and they look like there really happy toghether. people always say that yadi is a player but i dont think so.

  52. P-Dub

    I Love Yadi! So he’s married, got kids…OK, I WON”T wish death and destruction on them so I can dream ’bout him. I’ll just continue to dream ’bout him. Hope he always adores their kids and stays happily married FOREVER. XOXO

  53. P-Dub

    Oh by the way, none of the above is relevant. As far as the public is concerned (i.e. Me), who cares. His baseball skills are phenomenal! Now the world knows what a great player (especially a catcher) he is. As a Cardinal fan, we are the most fortunate to have him, and now Bengie as a coach.

  54. Amy

    Its sad how people judge a book by its cover.
    Personally I believe beauty is on the inside. And who are you to judge someone else. Yes Yadi to me personally looks good and he probably have his choice in woman, but from what I read on the news he is loyal. And that’s very rare theses days. So Wanda congrats to you, you’ve got a keeper. And you are a very beautiful Latin woman…….

  55. Linda

    Wanda is very beautiful this picture does not do her justice and it doesn’t matter anyway it is whats on the inside plus yadier is a great addition to our cardinal nation!

  56. Rachel

    Personally, I believe that Wanda is gorgeous! It only matters about what Yadi thinks of her anyways. CARDINAL NATION

  57. #1cardsfan

    What bitch has the right to criticize these to amazing happily couple.yadi is the best catcher in baseball and they don’t care what you think of them.

  58. Shocked

    What kind of classless, shallow pathetic people call someone ugly, among other things, based on two pictures?! You have to be filled with a lot of hate and ugliness to lash out like that. She’s very pretty and has more class than most of the people here. If the person in charge of these comments has as much class as I think they do, they’ll delete the comments. Ever hear of online bullying? Do you dumbasses realize the damage that has been done because of hateful, hate-filled people online? Grow up.

  59. #1cardsfan

    What in the hell does ppl think they are doin say what u wanna say because I’m sure yadi and Wanda don’t give a fuck what ppl say

  60. Stephan

    I think she’s (Wanda) gorgeous and I didn’t know they still made people as dumb Ashley. I hope she has the looks she thinks Wanda lacks. Obviously nothing else.

  61. Mary

    Lucky girl , beautiful smile and his children! He has the most beautiful lips and is my favorite ball player- new ball fan as of 20012

  62. Lin

    Oh my, jealosy is so ugly!! Y’all are immature and dont have any idea what ‘pretty’ is!! Yadi wufe, Wanda, is lovely and Yadi is handsome…he has a young, cute look about him and most imporrtant, they both have beautiful hearts! God bless them and their families! Yadi’s mother, Gladys is in my prayers! prayers that she heals quickly, after her recent surgery! Godspeed!

  63. Dylan

    Honestly shes not ugly to him now btfo for real, he chose her because he obviously thought she was gorgeous wtf, why are yall telling him to do better

  64. Cardinals fan

    Leave Wanda yadi and their family alone they are very nice people and I’ve seen Wanda and yadi around St Louis they are a cute couple and he seems like he acts like a real man to her unlike some guys. And what have they done to you go bash the cubs or even Albert Pujols if you want. So shut the fuck up you assholes bashing yadi and his family and respect his playing for the Cardinals he’s been good ever since he made his major league debut.

  65. Darl

    I agree with Shocked. These negative, hateful comments are a disgrace to St. Louis and the Cardinals. Mrs. Molina is beautiful and obviously makes him happy. I wish I never went to this website as the negative comments are very disturbing.

  66. Brenda Steed

    Dear Wanda:
    You have a right to be so proud of your husband , Yadi. Other people have no respect for themselves if they have no respect for you or your family. We are to love one another in the Lord. We all have our faults and failings we are human. But we are to encourage not pull down. Hope you and Yadi enjoy the drawing I did of him. I think of him as my son even though I am just a common person at the Stadium working. But I have been blessed to be there as security and clean up crew. I pray for your family always. Bengie people are ignorant and they have nothing better to do when they are drunk. God bless you all! He will be a Hall of Famer someday! I know!

  67. Stickball

    Wanda and Yadier I would like to invite you both to the Puerto Rican party here in Columbia Mo. You can find the page on Facebook for details. It goes down in July. Wanda, I don’t know what these people are talking about, you’re beautiful.

  68. Anonymous

    His wife looks fine. Besides, physical beauty is subjective. What one person finds attractive another person may not. Also, beauty is fleeting. You cannot judge a persons value as a human or a romantic partner by your narrow view of beauty. A lot of ‘model’ looking people have poor character and add nothing to other peoples lives so who are you to say that he is not doing better by marrying this woman? Sure he

  69. Diane

    Some petty shallow minds expressing opinions here. I admire the fact that Yadi is a family man, dedicated to his family and his craft. Grow up people, it’s not about fashion and fluff.

  70. Pelagato

    I detect a possible jealous and envious neighbor. I don’t understand the jealousy and unnecessary viciousness aimed at Mrs. Molina. I have seen many other pictures of Yadier’s wife Wanda and I have to say that I don’t know what you ladies (I mean females) are talking about that she is ugly. Many other pictures show a very good looking young woman . Obviously you ding-a-lings are jealous and I wonder if any of you ding bats are good looking at all. Please post your pictures so we can give you our honest opinions of yourselfs.

  71. STLFan

    Wow – I am willing to bet the women on here slamming someone they do not know, based on two pictures are the same trollops that follow players to bars thinking they will land big money… Just jealous that looks can’t buy them everything (except the reputations they get from the players!). I was a bartender downtown years ago – the guys talked a lot — ‘all you gotta say to get that one to put out is…’ ‘If you hang at ___bar, she always shows up…’ And the girls – they think players from different teams don’t talk!

  72. Patty

    I ran across this website on accident but to me Yadier’s wife is so beautiful and to have someone who supports you when you can’t be home is something amazing he’s out there taking care of his kids and his wife but to clarify everything she is beautiful and lucky to have him he’s lucky to have her and he is sexy so you haters need to quit hating because you’ll never have what they have

  73. kyndra

    his wife is beautiful. and i thnk its funny that there are a bunch of people arguing over this website. it makes me laugh actually. like whats the point? calling someones wife ugly cuase she has a diffrent skin tone. people are so rude. coooooooooooool, immature. i think she is beautiful. and yadi is an utstanding catcher. i hope hes with the cardnials forever

  74. Cheryl

    You all who has said bad & hurtful things about Yadier’s wife is just down tight deadlinerude and you should be ashamed of yourselves. You are just jealous. I think she’s gorgeous and I’m sure Yadi does too. I hope there very happy.

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