Oscar Taveras And Girlfriend Edilia Arvelo Killed in Car Accident


  1. Walter Johnson

    What a tragedy to lose such a talented baseball player. He had so much potential that will never be realized. A tremendous loss to baseball. My sympathy goes out to his family.

  2. Kyle slattery

    It was a pleasure to see one of my favorite players Oscar taveras be with the cardinals we will miss you you had a good career ahead of you I’m sorry for your loss I’m going to buy a jersey and keep it and never were it in homer of you once a cardinal always a cardinal #cardinals nation

  3. Jose Padilla

    Great future and so young,my deepest sympathies to their families and team mates.

  4. Sharon

    Forever young & now in the Loving arms of Jesus, God bless you both and your families, May the Lords face shine upon ALL of you ALWAYS

    Deepest Sympathy

  5. john harris

    as far as espn broadcasters, commentators, were concerned, the fate, condition of the girlfriend was not news. not even a, ‘we have no information at this time about the other person in the car, reportedly his girlfriend’ after all, she wasn’t a top prospect

  6. Kathi

    Oscar, you will forever be our angel in the outfield! You and your girl, together forever. Sympathy and prayers to the Cardinals and their personal families…. Such a horrible loss.

  7. usmc

    Sorry for the loss of two young lives, but when will young people learn that driving at high speeds is NO JOKE . RIP.

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