Mike Matheny’s wife Kristin Matheny


  1. vicki matheis

    I was recently at cardinals game of which i always have enjoyed….the tickets we purchased were 160.00 for 2 and i was fine with that…what i am now very discouraged about is the grab bags that i purchased for 50.00/a piece and was told that they were signed by current players…i recieved Mark Mcquire and Kerry Robinson..im sorry but i was very mislead and my son and husband very disappointed by these purchases…if theres anything that can be done to get an authentically signed ball by a current player i would be forever grateful and my faith restored that America is still truly alive and well in baseball..thank you so much for your patience and anything that you can do Mrs. Matheny would be great..i will happily pay for another ball as long as it is a current player..please understand that i wouldve have rather had a ball in hand signed by player that i met but understood the heat was too much to expect them to stand outside.. so instead i donated 100.00 for the grab bags and was informed they were signed by whole team so i bought 2..then told by a gentleman than he was sorry but only one player on rouster signed but i bought anyways…im really hoping you can make this right for me…as i said i will gladly purchase another ball if need be but prefer current player…my home address is 1163 east jasper-dubouis road jasper indiana 47546… they may still have my credit card info because i just purchased yesterday…vicki matheis…thank you again for anything you can do…

  2. Paul Volkert


    I am not really sure what this site is…but if this is you Kristen, I wanted to tell you how nice you and your husband and your daughter are. I had came to the conclusion that Mike was a very sincere, humble individual many years a go, but after meeting you guys last week and after how nice you all were to our family, I just think you guys are an ideal family. I pray for your family’s well being. You all were an inspiration.

    Thank You:


  3. Paul Volkert


    Sorry for the misspelling of your name in previous e-mail. Hope we get the chance to meet all of you again. It was an experience of a life time for my family…

    Thank You Again:


  4. Sophia

    Hello Kristin,
    I think it’s awesome that you have this website. What would improve it would be to have a photo of you! We already know what Mike looks like, lol.
    I hope to see you here soon.
    Thanks , Sophia

  5. Florence Lee

    Mike,I just wanted to let you know that I admire you very much….I am a die-hard
    Cardinal fan since I was a teenager. Stan Musial was my hero. I am 80 years old &
    am in good shape for my age, as I am coming to see a Cardinal game in person (I
    never miss the games on TV) My three daughters, sisters, several nieces are all
    coming Sept. 12-15th. We do this every few years. It is an all-girl’s weekend that
    we all prefer St. Louis for our get-together. I am a widow, and lost my only Son to cancer. I’m sure all this isn’t of interest to you….I know you are a good manager, and will even get better. The team is great, but right now they are in a slump! They will come back soon. I work part-time at St. Elizabeth SEton Church as a church secretary, so I am unable to travel to St. Louis by myself anymore. I hope that I haven’t bored you with all this…I just wanted to thank you for being the good manager that you are to my favorite team!!Florence(Cirillo) Lee

  6. Linda Prough

    Hi, Kristin. I am one of your cousins from your father, Gary Lane’s side of the family. I am a daughter of Hal Plogger, Gary Lane’s mother’s brother. Miss Sherry White that you know very well, is my oldest sister. She is 1-1/2 years older than me.
    I wish I had known you growing up, but it’s great to see you and your family’s pictures on the internet. Just wanted to introduce myself to you. Maybe we can meet someday.

  7. Ann Gohr

    Hi just wanted to let you know you have the hugest Cardinal fans ever here in Nebraska….your husband is doing a great job leading the Cardinals and I’m sure you are so proud he seems like a class act! My husband had a heart attack over labor day and will be having a Cardiac Stent on Monday…hope the Cards can get us a win on Monday…we will be tuning in from the Nebraska Medical Center :-) GO CARDS

  8. Kevin A. Hodge

    Hello to the Matheny family.. I have been a fan of Mike since I was a little guy and he was a catcher for our STL Cards! My brother was a catcher. I was the bat boy for his team actually which was at the time the St. Louis Pros.. I’m a die-hard-cardinal, I’m 23 and blessed with blazing speed….baseball is in my blood, it just is. but i just wanted to say that I appreciate the fact that a professing Christian took the reign of being the Cardinals Manager, It’s a tough job, but the love for the game out weighs that…I have been threw some circumstances that i brought upon myself because it’s the path i chose… but also i had in my heart a feeling of redemption and that things would turn out okay after all.. the time that we have here on earth is truly a gift of its own, with each day even. There are so many things in our lives that we should be thankful for,we are all called to follow Christ, and for you to acknowledge God the way you do, it warms my heart, because i share that same quality too. I love to help people and will make an impact on many lives if I may have the opportunity come about..buttt that is looking into the future for the time being I am just a fan and a child of God, blessings to you and your family…Matthew 7:7

  9. Joe Mitchell

    i knew there was something special about Mike and you. I am happy to find out that the special quality I was seeing was two Christian lives. God’s blessings to you and Mike for your efforts on the Kingdom’s behalf.

  10. Laurie Decatur

    Just want to say my family had enjoyed watching Mike play all these years and now coaching. My husband and I now reside in Waddell, AZ. we lived in Pickerington, Ohio. Our son played baseball and travel ball from kindergarten thru HS. Almost made college ball but got cut the third day.
    We had Ben enrolled in a lot of Ron Golden baseball camps. He remembers Mike coming one day and talking to all of them. He has never forgotten that. Mike is a great role model. And you are a very supportive wife and have a lovely family.
    Thank you for your time. I must put the iPad down for now and watch the post season game. GO CARDS!!!!

    Laurie Decatur

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