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Matt Holliday's wife Leslee Holliday



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Matt Holliday's wife Leslee Holliday grew up in Chickasha, OK, and the two now spend much of their offseason in Higgins, OK. Matt also grew up in Oklahoma, and the two met while at Oklahoma State University together.

Matt Holliday's wife Leslee Holliday was a complete stranger when they first dated. Matt was introduced to future wife Leslee on a blind date in 1998.  In a story similar to what is so often behind a relationship, Matt's best friend was dating her sorority sister at the time, and set the two up.  After their blind date in 1998, they became engaged in 1999 and married in 2000.  Matt and Leslee Holliday now have four children - three sons, Jackson (December, 2003), Ethan (February, 2007), and Reed (July, 2013) and daughter, Gracyn (November, 2009).

How much of an impact do you think Leslee Holliday had on Matt's decision to sign with the Cardinals? Can't be entirely sure, however, consider that Coors Field in Denver is 802 miles or 11 hours, 54 minutes from Higgins, OK and Busch Stadium, is only 480 miles, or 7 hours, 1 minute. Who wouldn't want to come closer to home?

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  1. cellogirl

    leslee and matt <3

  2. Hali

    Leslee and Matt are so cute together I just love them

  3. yadi fan

    i think yadis wife is very pretty so shut up already

  4. gina

    they are adorable. that wont stop me from daydreaming about him....daily

  5. william sperberg

    I know you can play the game better then you are so don't reach for the outside balls or down low wons.

  6. Doris

    what does the tat say on matt's arm?

  7. Chuck

    Best of playoff luck to both of you. My sister was in your sorority quite some time before you. I and my 8 siblings have degrees from Ok State and my wife and one son went to OSU my other son is there now. We saw Matts 1st home run in Busch as a Cardinal and we go once a year to root on my whole family's one and only MLB team. God bless you and the Birds on the Bat.

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