Matt Holliday’s wife Leslee Holliday


  1. william sperberg

    I know you can play the game better then you are so don’t reach for the outside balls or down low wons.

  2. Chuck

    Best of playoff luck to both of you. My sister was in your sorority quite some time before you. I and my 8 siblings have degrees from Ok State and my wife and one son went to OSU my other son is there now. We saw Matts 1st home run in Busch as a Cardinal and we go once a year to root on my whole family’s one and only MLB team. God bless you and the Birds on the Bat.

  3. kyndra

    awwwwwwwwww. Matt is one of my favorite players. And his wife makes him even better, becuase shes pretty. there perfect together. LETS GO CARDINALS!!!

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