Kolten Wong’s Girlfriend Alissa Noll

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  1. Greg Trokey

    Alissa, I am a lifelong Cardinal fan raised by the same. When in younger years listening to a game with my dad , I played with him saying “DAD, the house is on fire”! He would reply “Ok,OK after this inning”!!ha! I wish he was hear today to see Kolten Wong!! He is a gift to our ball club!! I LOVE watching him do EVERYTHING he does on the field. His hard work and training both during and the off season really shows. And thank you for helping him with his efforts for being the amazing player that he is. I live in Ft Myers Florida and am planning ( if work allows) to come to a spring training game or too! Thanks again!! Oh and reading about YOU was also a pleasure, one I’m sure Kolten agrees with.

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