Jon Jay’s fiancé Nikki Stecich


  1. Ross X

    hey! Colby is totally not a bust! he’s one of the Jays’ best players. before the break this year he hit 17 homers and batted .260 and OBP over .800

    then he got injured, so he stunk in the second half, but the gans love him here

  2. Stealer

    She’s a physical therapist not a teacher. Met her at a game in 2012. Not a very nice person, was making fun of the fans. We were in ear shot of her and a couple other players wives. None of them were nice. Nose in the air flashing big diamond rings.

  3. Johnna Blaylock

    Myself and my 7 year old great nephew came to watch the Cardnials play on the 24 th of July. Great afternoon and evening at the ball park! His favorite player is Jon Jay. This 7 year old really thinks that he is one day going to play for the Cardnails! He didn’t like his name so he says when he gets on the team that he is changing his name. His real name is Evan Finley… He says he changing it to Blake Wolf! He just got asked to play on a select baseball team in Edwardsville, Il. They call him Wolf now on this team. He was so excited about getting to come down to the green seats for batting practice yesterday! All the players were so into practice that time got away from them and they were running late so there was no time for signing autographs. We had went and bought a Jon Jay rookie card plus a new ball to have ready just in case we got lucky. No luck though! After we had to move to our seats he kept asking me when he was gonna get to meet Jon Jay. When I explained to him that they players had to go get ready for the game, he was saying to me how much the players had to be nervous and that they had to focus on the up and coming game! He’s so smart! After talking to my friend that got us down at batting practice in the first place, told me that we could come back again! Evan will be so excited again! Jon Jay … have inspired this kid like you will never know! Thank You! Please pass this on to him! You are making dreams come true!
    Thank You again,
    Johnna Blaylock

  4. Frazzle Dazzle

    She is not cute at all! No matter what she wears or how she does her hair! Thank God you didn’t tie the knot yet! Please don’t do it! You are selling yourself short! Your young & You have your whole life ahead of you! Jon Jay You can do so much better! I hope you think long & hard…Forever is a long time???

  5. Jenny Smith

    Frazzle Dazzle that is so mean! If he met her in College it could be a possibility that he loves her for who she is & she was w/ him before he was a Cardinal. It really does not matter what you look like so much as what is in your heart!

  6. G

    Frazzle Dazzle,
    You haven’t seen her in person and how can you say such a thing? They have known each other quite a few years and I am sure Jon Jay loves her inside and outside both.

  7. Frazzle Dazzle

    Okay! Okay!

    Sorry I tried to erase my comment but I couldn’t!
    Looks like he has his heart set so Best Wishes
    To You Both!

  8. Tock

    Hey Jenny Smith, don’t say it doesn’t matter what you look like. Jon Jay wouldn’t be marrying her if she was 350lbs!

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