10/24/13 (Updated)

Chris Carpenter's wife Alyson Carpenter

Chris Carpenter's wife Alyson Carpenter gets all the credit, at least from Chris, for his return to baseball after injury. While rehabbing an injury in the minors in 2003, Chris experienced another setback to his torn rotator cuff. He said he was ready to walk away from the game for good, but credits his wife nudging him in the right direction. At the 2005 press conference for his Cy Young award, Chris said, "I was ready to be done. And she didn't think I was, that I would regret it if I didn't take that one more step and try to come back again. And the next thing you know, I got my second surgery and here we are today. And I know that if it wasn't for her I wouldn't be here."

Chris, Alyson, son Sam and daughter Ava reside in Bedford, NH in the offseason.

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6 Responses to “Chris Carpenter's wife Alyson Carpenter”

  1. Hali

    Chris and Aly are so cute together i just love them

  2. biffula

    Wow, Carpenters wife is fugly. No wonder he's so p!ssed off when he's pitching. He knows he's go to go home to that.

  3. Nicole

    tell your husband i am his #1 fan and i want to meet him one day i have a big poster of him and a pinent flag of him and a world sires photo of him i really want to meet him please please please

  4. Mary Duncan

    Thanks Alyson for behind Chris with the nudge-We love and adore both of yous'-your a beautiful lady THANKS for SHARING your HUSBAND with the St. Louis Fans

  5. Allexis

    Alyson, yes your husband is a great baseball player but he is no longer my hero anymore because my life is ruined when im 17 years old because I am not him and doctors are not as worried as much as they are him. I am losing everything now! and he lost nothing but a couple of games!!!!

  6. Tammy Scheer

    Hi Alyson,
    I'm a long time survivor of Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. I've had both my left and right repaired at Barnes Hospital. I too have had my ribs removed and many other tweeks to help the nerve pain. I would be interested in seeing if you would be interested in working together for community awareness? This disease is so rare it took me over a year to figure out what was even wrong. By that time I suffered severe nerve damage. I've been working on a support group in the St. Louis area. My surgeon says I'm an inspiration to all who suffer and if he could teach them anything about this disease it's ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING!!!! People have to want to fight this, you have to make yourself get up and just DO IT!!! I would love to have an outgoing woman to help share in educating those suffering. I have the perspective of the patient and you have the perspective of taking care of a TOS patient.

    I'm sorry to hear Chris is suffering still. I will continue to pray for ALL of you since I know this disease affects the entire family.