10/24/13 (Updated)

Carlos Beltran's wife Jessica Lugo

Carlos Beltran and his wife Jessica Lugo had their first date on Valentine's Day, 1998 and were married November 6, 1999, despite Carlos proposing over the phone.  The two were on their Honeymoon cruise when Carlos found out that he won the 1999 AL Rookie of the Year.

On October 11, 2008, Carlos and Jessica renewed their wedding vows in a joint ceremony with Marc Anthony and wife Jennifer Lopez in a Las Vegas hotel suite.

The timing of this created what may be the single most ridiculous mini-controversy the New York media has ever cooked up, when they began questioning why would Beltran plan a trip and ceremony to Las Vegas for the second weekend in October in the thrust of the playoffs.  Beltran never responded to the criticisms, presumably because he had better things to do than entertain the incoherent musings of an insane press corps.

To get calm before every at bat, Carlos carves the letter 'J' (for Jessica) in the batter's box with his bat.

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6 Responses to “Carlos Beltran's wife Jessica Lugo”

  1. makenzi

    are they blood related?? they seriously look exactly alike

  2. RachelGwen

    I have been in love with this man since I first laid my eyes on him...The comment about you and your wife looking alike is so true and creepy at the same time. You look GOOD as you Carlos but it dont look good on a female NOT one darn bit....ITS JUST WRONG!!!!!!!!!!

  3. anonymous

    I have been with him before and hes so nice and beautiful
    in person.
    I hope to see him again

  4. carrie.rowe

    Hi carlos beltran and jessica lugo.congrats to you both.wish you too the best . I love you both. And i love baseball to.my team is the cardinals.i am carrie from st louis mo. 26 p.s. Go cardinals. From cardinals fan here from carrie.

  5. vincent faraci

    Congrats carlos on making it to the series... your my idol basebll player. I watched u n your stats since houston... miss you the mets... sorry ima met fan, im from ny... i remember i met u getting an autograph n u are a cool man. And u signed an autograph for my daughter n smiled. Love the way u play, your swing, n fielding... keep it up man we counting on u... lol.

  6. vincent faraci

    P.s... thats cool u write j in the dirt at every at bat for ur wife... shes beautiful... god bless carlos BELTRANNNNN