Adam Wainwright’s wife Jenny Wainwright


  1. michael lehman

    good luck to adam, but i am hoping he loses the game. been a pirate fan since 1958. we are due and we are somehow going to win

  2. Terri

    Jenny … Your husband stopped & briefly chatted to us outside the Sheraton in Boston on day one of the playoffs…. How lovely… He didn’t have to. I hope I didn’t offend him when I said I didn’t know who he was! Being from Australia means we don’t have a lot to do with international basketball. Thanks Adam for making our day..

  3. Staci noffsinger

    I’m a Big fan of the Cardinals. My favorite player is your husband, my husband and I have been to many games in St. Louis and Miami and he took the time out of his busy schedule to sign my shirts and have especially my jersey when GE signed to Staci God Bless Adam wainwright. I love how you both give God the credit and how yah’ll make sure that everyone knows He is the center of both ofyour lives and you live it for Him! Thank you for taking the time and reading this! God Bless

  4. Ronald D Ivy

    Adam, Please show your other team mates how to hit. You have done really

    well this year. Great job pitching this year. Keep up the great work. Tell Yadi
    to concentrate more on hitting and less on sunflower seeds.
    Let’s win the World Series this year!

  5. Demetrius Apostolon

    My kids came to the kids day a nd so wanted to meet Adam, but it didnt work out.
    We are from WV so we came a long way. We are the proud parents of 9 year old triplets. The Lord Jesus has so had his hand on us. We pray and believe he will continue to give you his life on your journey. They wanted to give Adam and Matt Holiday books so we are going to mail them to the stadium in hope’s they make it to you.
    It is wonderful that my kids look up to a believer and his shares his life as a believer
    bless you guys
    Demetrius Sherri John Zach and Madison Apostolon

  6. Demetrius Apostolon

    We wanted to so meet Adam at the kids day. we are so thankful he is a believer.
    We are from WV and we have 9 year old triplets. they wanted to give Adam a book so we are going to send it to the stadium hoping he will get it.
    God bless you guys
    Demetrius Sherri John Zach and Madison Apostolon

  7. Chase Coleman

    Adam I am a huge fan. ⚾️ You inspire me to play the game well and with sportsmanship. Like you have clearly show to the world. I am going to the stadium Adam Wainwright night tomorrow. I will be ate pre game singing I will be there to give sunflower seeds to my favorite player. Your arm is mvp like this year. Great job me and my friends look up to you thank you for reading this. God bless you

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