Kyle Seager’s wife Julie Seager


  1. Anne Kerbe

    Dearest Julie Lyle was wonderful in returning kyles bat and what he said . We know all the Seager family. Our sons use to play baseball , soccer and basketball with them. You give that handsome husband of yours a big hug and tell him we are beaming with pride for him and his accomplishments. And you continue being you, there will always be somebody that’s negative , tell kyle we wish him and his brothers continued success . Sincerely Anne, Terry, Jason and Justin Kerbe

  2. Al Rosinski

    I am a big fan of the Seattle Mariners and a bigger fan of Kyle’s. I have a few friends who play and work for the Mariners and have met you a couples of times on a few of the M’s road trips. Courtesy of Rick Griffin, Ron Spellecy, Billy Sepich, and Rob Nodine, I usually sit in the second row right next to the M’s dugout for many of the games. I am from Minnesota and Kyle know who I am. I cannot speak for him as a husband or father, but if he is anything like a baseball player he is one of the kindest and most humble person I know. He always has time for me and other fans and always comes out to see me when I am at the games. My wife and I have been fortunate enough to have travelled to a few cities to watch the Mariners play. We have been to New York, Boston, Kansas City, Tampa Bay, Milwaukee, and Seattle. I have a special gift that I want to give to Crue. The Mariners will be coming to Minnesota in the middle of the season and I will give it to Kyle at that time. You can give it to him for his second birthday. My wife and I have been married for 57 years. We hope that you have the same success in your marriage as we do. Congratulations to Kyle and the entire Seager family on Kyle’s new contract. A contract that was well deserved.

    Al & Pat Rosinski

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