08/16/12 (Updated)

Felix Hernandez's wife Sandra Hernandez

Felix Hernandez's wife Sandra Hernandez has given him two beautiful children; Mia and Jeremy. Mia was born in 2005 and Jeremy was born in 2009. The family resides in Venezuela in the offseason.

Felix has tattoos inside both of his wrists that have his wife Sandra and his children, Mia and Jeremy's names, and their respective birthdays.

After finalizing his 5 year, $78MM contract prior to the 2010 season, Felix attributed his increased success to his wife and family.
"It's the maturity, man. I had my kids and it made me grow up. My daughter and my son, they made me a great person. They are the best thing that's happened to me."

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  1. Edward Gonzales

    My wife Helen and I live in Lakewood Washington,we are Felix Hernandez fans and want to welcome both of you to Washington. We speak Spanish and would love to meet you two and your family. We would like to invite you to our house and have dinner sometime soon. You can call us at 253-921-3061 We have three daughter and one son. We really hope to hear from you soon. Hasta Luego

  2. Felix

    Hey Edward, you didn't return my call. I hoped to bring over my famous Venezuelan enchilada. I left many messages, hombre! You offered friendship and then, nada! Por que!

  3. Justin Timberlake

    Waz up dog I like your pitching u da best in the mlb hope to see you pitch another perfect game later.

  4. hy