Tim Lincecum’s girlfriend (ex) Ruth


  1. Lincey

    Tim and Ruth ended in 2009 right after his arrest. She was nowhere near him in 2010. That’s why he had such a great year. Timmy needs to dump Kart girl. He’s had the worst, most atrocious year of his career and she’s the only new factor in his life. Focus on baseball Tim you really need to. And why are these pictures here? Isn’t this just for the wives?

  2. irishgal29

    I am a new baseball fan, and it all started the night I accidentally watched the cards vs giants game last week when they lost, and for some reason I just thought Lincecum is awesome. The whole team is..been following the games since, even predicted to my Brother( a cards fan) that the giants would win the next 2 games! Just luck, but from what I saw, I believe in them! 3 runs tonight hit by Sandoval! Awesome! ~ Anyways~ Tim Lincecum, what a hottie. Would love the opportunity to have a date with him. As far as his love life goes, ~Who cares who hes dated or the specifics of it. Tim, youre awesome..no matter what, keep rockin it! And if it doesnt work out with these other girls, come hang out with me;)

  3. Anon1

    Tim really needs to focus on baseball more than anything and step up his game. That so called Go Kart Girl is only a distraction. He needs to stay single for the sake of his career. I don’t want to see him stuck in the bullpen as a reliever. Btw, what’s with Tim and blondes? Hm, I hope he’s not pressured to marry her and be just like all the guys…anyways Let’s get going Big Time Timmy Jim! :)

  4. Haleiwa Holly

    Those damn hangers-on just drain Timmy of his soul and mental focus. Come on, Timmy. Don’t lose your goals to fleeting pursuits. You have the rest of your life to chase girls. I liked it better when you had those steely eyes, fearless heart, and devastating pitches. Pitches and Bitches don’t mix well together. You can take one, but not the other. The other one takes your soul and renders you weak, the other makes you indomitable. Your choice.

  5. janeUW

    I’m a huge Tim Lincecum fan and you know what… I AM HAPPY FOR HIM! Who ever this ‘kart girl’ is, I think she makes him happy. When a happy heart is in its right place, everything will fall into place. 2012 may not have been his best season, we can hope 2013 will be better. I wish him all the best with his career and love life. As long as he doesn’t go back to that sour puss xGF of his. The fans appreciate you, Tim Lincecum, and we just want what’s best for your career – that’s all!!!!

  6. jaon

    I am sure Tim can figure out what is right for him, she is a very lovely young lady who is a school teacher and all of the children love her, she is sweet and if he is lucky enough to impress her he will be a lucky man!

  7. timjimfan

    Timmy needs to find a way to keep himself in the game but yet not lose focus. I know that he may be a chick magnet and is looking for a girl to possibly be with for the rest of his life, but he needs to put more focus of the life of playing baseball. That 20 mil salary might go down and keep going down if he doesn’t straighten up. Timmy, if you read this, I’m sorry to say this, but you need to pursue pitching. It is an art that can get screwed up fast by any distraction, especially ones that can change a life forever (women). Not only Timmy, but his family has put so much into him to get to where he is. I don’t want to see him go down. He’s going to look back and wish he never did what he did.

  8. ravenhairedhopeful

    That blond chick is very dull looking – no spark or obvious charm. The one relationship he needs to fix – and fast – is with Buster! That’s what was different/wrong this year…He needs to get back together with beautiful, brilliant Buster and the true Timmy will return.

  9. dee

    Since this blonde been seen around with him, I still don’t see him a happy person. People can say he is but like they say, you sometimes have to hide your sadness with a smile in front of others. They just seem awkward together, from that moment we saw them on the field after the beat the Cardinals, to the parade. It felt staged especially by her.

  10. jane

    Well this is good. I thought he was gay. Doesn’t he live with a guy in the off season? Saw that on the Day in the Life show.

  11. steve

    don’t see the attraction from this picture. she looks like she has a really big butt. it will only get worse.

  12. Anonymous

    There was a brunette between the two blondes.When Tim Dropped her,she didn’t take it very well.Doesn’t anyone remember her?Girl from New ;ersey?What was he thinking?!!Back to a blonde!He needs someone to see him through this very tough time he’s going through.Give him a break!

  13. Anonymous

    He gets $700,000, per game that should give him a break-some inspiration. No, I don’t feel sorry for an over paid athelete.

  14. Diana

    He gets paid as of 2013 $700,000. per game. Give him a break? He’d better break his butt for Giants org. No sympathy here little Timmy.

  15. david

    Tims an overpaid, overrated loser. fans are running out of patience and tired of hearing all the excuses when he pitches lousy. what’s with him? don’t want to hear anymore lame exscuses

  16. Baseball Barb

    This is not a 48 hours mystery. They are both crazy, need therapy and medication. He can’t focus and needs to adjust. The past is gone, quit trying to work back to 2008. Move forward, Tim there’s nothing you can’t do. She is more insecure than me-pretty bad. Fansoflincecum55-how embarrassing! Can’t believe you forgave her she’s such a head case with ISSUES! You did, super nice guy. Forbid that from happening again-EVER! Threaten her with Christopher, akuna matata. As long as you’re happy then we real grown-ups will be too. Not saying Girlfriend is Angelina Jolie, there’s only one. However if you should find yourself sitting on a fence with 2 groovy parties going, slide down carefully to one side, don’t you hide in the corner! You can take it from there.

  17. Romeo

    I like the chick in the truck. Not sure what is up with the one in the picture with the guys. At least she is trying though.

  18. Trichaj

    2 CYs, 2 WORLD SERIES, 2 No Hitters… Priceless

    In general sports players are over paid but that’s the reality we love in. If you don’t accept that then don’t partake in enjoying sports. Timmy never opted to leave us for a really huge one that he could have had. The giants over paid Zito, that’s the problem. He only won a Cy because people were hating on Pedro Martinez.

    Timmy, be human and date and try to keep a balance like the rest of us to achieve success. And go giants!!!!

  19. Scandia

    The tone of this post is remarkably different from the others on this site and is very disappointing. Tim’s current girlfriend is a 3rd grade teacher at my children’s school in Marin County and is a sweet, intelligent and kind person. She is so great with the kids and is an amazing educator. She uses baseball themes and lessons in her classroom in order to appeal to the kids and engage their interest in learning. It makes me sad to read the comments trashing her or calling her bizarre nicknames. Please show some respect and remember that these women are people, first and foremost, regardless of whom they are married to or dating.

  20. Bart Simpson

    The Giants need to release this ugly mess of a pitcher. He’ll never be effective again. Can someone please tell him to fix is teeth, they are still pretty %^$#$% up.

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