Sergio Romo’s wife Chelsea Romo


  1. Cassandra Urquijo

    I am so amazed by you and your 3 men! Sergio is kicking butt & you look GREAT! I miss you SO much! Your boys are adorable & Rex shares the same birthdate as Landen (my oldest). Anyway, I am so very happy for you and your beautiful family! I love you girl!!!!

  2. Mona & Eric Windmueller

    My husband and I are from the SF Bay Area now living in the Maryland, in the DC Metro Area. We are thrilled that the Giants have such a great team. We are especially awed by Sergio’s pitching as a closer — WOW! What a guy and what a family!

    You have a beautiful family. Our thoughts and prayers are for your family and that the Giants will win the Series!

    Our best wishes always,
    Mona & Eric Windmueller

  3. debbynyby

    I wish the TIGERS could have won at least one game.The GIANTS won I am so happy for you and Sergio. Bob and I will nerver forget the time we met you and Sergio in Denver “Westin” you guy are the best.Thank you Sergio for making baseball the American dream. We love Chelsea and you SERGIO your friends from GRAND JUNCTION CO. We are so proud of you Bob @ Debby

  4. moira

    Just finished seeing the celebration of the Giants in San Francisco, CA. Sergio is so funny, handsome and so much into having fun. What a guy! and what a pitcher, To see him pitch is extraordinary. Good for you and your family.

  5. Laurie

    Have seen pictures of Sergio holding hands with a brunette in the last month. Are he and Chelsea separated. Anyone know for sure? What a shame, such a beautiful family!!

  6. chris brooks

    Ask sergio if remembers me coach the braves when we played the rockies when he played jr league well tell good luck this year

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