Matt Cain’s wife Chelsea Cain


  1. Garrett Gregory

    Hey Chelsea glad you are doing so well. It has been a long time since we have seen eachother. Have a great day, Garrett

  2. Dan

    I am very happy for both of you. You seem to have your feet firmly planted and not swayed by all of this. All of this excitement could not have happened to a nicer man, your husband. Thank you both for believing in SF.


  3. John

    Matt’s most impressive accomplishment is NOT his Perfect Game but getting a true HOF Wife. She is gorgeous

  4. Craig

    I cant believe a prefect game im speechless the baseball must be Juiced . (: Good luck in the rest of the season? Craig Beatus

  5. Dalyn

    Hey Chelsea,

    A big congratulations are long over due from me, toward you and your husband. Hope all is well. It’s been too many years since we last spoke. Take care.

  6. Stella

    Hi! OMG OMG OMG!!!! You are like the luckiest person on the face of the planet!!
    I am a HUGE, HUGE, HUGE fan of Matt Cain! He is like, the coolest guy, and whenever I see him on TV, I go nuts!! I think he is a great pitcher, and I even have a poster of him in my room! I can’t believe he had a perfect game on June 13th! AWESOME! Tell him he has a huge fan! I hope you are doing well!

  7. Brian Kearney

    Where did you buy the jacket you wore the evening of the perfect game?
    An answer might save my 43 year marriage.

    Not putting any pressure on you –

  8. Lois Smith

    Hi Chelsea: in case you forgot, I am your grandfather’s sister Lois. I live in St. Petersburg, Fl. Our baseball team The Rays played the Giants here the last 3 days. I watched the games on Tv and was hoping to see Matt. He did not pitch and I failed to see him. Was he here? You are very fortunate to be married to a pro baseball player. I met you once when you were a young teenager at your grandmother’s home in Michigan. I’ve seen your pictures with your mother on Facebook. You look very much alike. Wishing you much happiness! Lois Smith

  9. Anonymous

    Chelsea, Her are a list of name,s starting with an H .

    1. Hannah 2.Hope 3.Heather 4. Holly or Hollie 4. Harley 5. Hattie or Hatty 6. Hadley 7. Haley or Hailey 8. Hayden

    Hope this help,s Love Extra Greatgrandma

  10. ddt1965

    Sorry, you got the date wrong. I know for a fact, because that game was on my birthday, June 13th. The coolest birthday gift, ever. Otherwise, good article.

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