Marco Scutaro’s wife Marines Scutaro


  1. Scott

    Pride over your country is one thing but holding up your country’s flag while celebrating your husbands MVP in the division champion ships is a slap in the face of the good old USA. Your husband did not win this in Venezuela. He did this because the USA gave him the opportunity to make millions of dollars playing a sport he loves. Let’s not forget where he got his opportunity and shove his wife’s flag up her ass. I am so tired of immigrants flashing another country’s flag here in the US. Keep your flag at home and remember where you are and where your opportunities lie. God bless the USA and the American flag!

  2. Al

    It is just a baseball game friend, you are way out of line.
    Stop beeing racist, waving a flag in another country doesn´t have anything wrong, at least for normal people that isn´t RACIST. I mean we (americans) have our flag planted at the MOON, does that makes us bad persons? I don´t think so. So go fuck yourself and your extremely stupid arguments.

  3. pcax

    hey scott, you turd, this country was built by immigrants–the only americans who aren’t descended from immigrants are native americans. i’m ashamed to have f–ktards like you waving the red, white, and blue. jerks like you do more damage to this nation than anyone who waves another country’s flag. you’re probably just another ignorant racist fool who thinks obama was born in iran.

  4. len

    Scott – what is the difference between what Ms Scutaro is doing and an American athlete such as Michael Phelps holding the US flag up after winning a gold medal at the LONDON Olympic games ? None, my friend. It happens here all the time with just common folks like you and me. For instance, I have a friend who is of Italian descent, born and raised in the USA. He has never been to Italy, nor does he plan to go there anytime soon. He is American, but claims his nationality as Italian and flies the Italian flag all over his house and car. What’s that make him in your books Scott?

  5. Annete

    When you show the USA flag in other countries is because you are representing USA and it is ok to show the flag, however if you are playing for USA and you are foreign, it is a disrespectful to show the flag of your country while you are playing for USA… It does not make any sense. It is a slapping in the face of USA country. I am foreign living here, and I respect it and do not force my flag or my will against this country. Jesus said to respect and obey the country where you are a foreigner. USA is a country that was founded by many different immigrants, but still there is only one flag of the USA…. It must be respected and honored.

  6. SF Barbie

    Scott is COMPLETELY in the right, and those of you using the term “racist” are simply ignorant! Her husband was playing America’s favorite past-time, on American soil, and making American dollars. There was no larger form of disrespect!

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