10/13/14 (Updated)

Jake Peavy's wife Katie Peavy

We've always been fascinated by the family implications of the trade deadline, and have to wonder about Jake Peavy's wife Katie Peavy (also listed occasionally as Jake Peavy's wife Katie Alford), and her emotions for the past two trade deadlines.

Jake Peavy's wife Katie Peavy has been the head of the household moving from Chicago to Boston in 2013, and then Boston to San Francisco in 2014 right before the July trade deadlines. Prior to his last home game in Chicago before the deadline, Jake Peavy headed into the White Sox clubhouse with five suitcases in tow, to prepare for new digs in a new city with a new team. By now, Jake, Katie and their two sons are likely able to adapt to new environments.

Jake and Katie are both Alabama natives, and were married at 19 years old after dating throughout high school. The couple had their first son in 2001, with two more boys following in 2004 and 2008. Considering that the family has spent the last four seasons in Chicago, they've seen a wide spectrum of what America can offer from Alabama to San Diego and Chicago. Outside of a Boston or New York trade, they're likely to seamlessly adapt (and we only exclude Boston and New York because no one seamlessly adapts).

Both Jake and Katie are proudly country through and through with an affinity for hunting and fishing. The family spends the school year living in a cabin on 200 acres of land in Semmes, AL to provide stability for the children in terms of their education. During the offseason they do travel to be with Jake, but head back home for the start of the school year. Jake is open when it comes to the stability that Katie provides him, quoted as saying "Being married helps you be focused on what you're here to do, and that's play good baseball. I don't want to be average,"

While injuries have derailed him somewhat, when he's on the mound, he's definitely not average and a playoff team is about to learn that for themselves.

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10 Responses to “Jake Peavy's wife Katie Peavy”

  1. aaron lipofsky

    You have a good man there in Jake, he, s not like some whimps that call themselfs ball players. He sets a pretty good example that some of these guys should follow. Although I live in san diego now I am originally from Boston .welcome to Boston and the best of luck to you and your family.

  2. John and Annie Brough

    Pace Fla. Red Sox fans looking forward to seeing your husband pitch in the World Series. GO RED SOX!!!!!!
    All the best to you and your family. :-)

  3. Jessie

    Katie and Jake were some of the more "real" people back when I worked for the Padres in the children's room. I always say that I adimire their abilities to stay wholesome in the eyes of the game. I'm proud to have known them both, briefly, as well as their eldest son during my days on the child care room at both the old and new stadium (yes, that was a long time ago looking back!)

  4. Janet

    I'm rooting for jake right now watching from Boston with my husband. Saw the pre game with Jake and your two boys.
    They are very well spoken and handsome boys. Ii hope Jake stays in the game and turns this game around. I'm writing in the bottom of the fifth inning.

    Janet from Boston

  5. Katie Peavy

    Hmm thought there was only one Kate Peavy in this large Peavy family..

  6. Brooks Johnson

    Katie if that is actually you, Happy Birthday!

  7. David Mortimer

    Jake meant more to the Red Sox than the numbers show. Fenway wasn't the park for his style of pitching but you have a World Series ring to remember your time in Boston. So, while a trip from one coast to the other isn't easy on any family, I;m sure he'll be the kind of pitcher you know he can be, Katie, which means a happier existence for everyone. Best of luck to a wonderful family.

  8. Paul


    Watching Jake pitch tonight for the Giants against the Royals in the WS. Wishing him a lot of luck.

    I was a big fan of Jake when he was here in San Diego, and hated to see him go. I know things have been a little rough for him since then, but he is a gamer and I know he's always worked hard to get where he needs to be.

    You guys have a beautiful family, and I wish you all good fortune and good health in the future.


  9. dave

    Curious as to what "tribe" Jake us a member of? Wish he hadn't got shelled tonight v. Kc

  10. Jack McDonough

    Been giant fan for three years.Jake arrived in San Francisco on my birthday with a 1-9 record but my Red Sox fan brother told me Jake was going to help the Giants who needed help. His pitching for Giants was just superb. And it turns out he was a real leader as well. Giants would not have made playoffs without him. Pitched well against Nats and Cards. First game against Nats was huge. Didn't get the breaks against KC but he pulled his share and more.Am so happy he re signed with Giants. They need him and he needs them. Jake is a real credit to baseball.